6 Reasons Why Biomass is awesome By: Yilin Jin

1. Clean Air

The production of biomass plants can produce more oxygen and use up more carbon dioxide resulting in clean air and happy people!

2. Infinitive Production

Biomass is made up of plants, and plants can be infinitely grown, therefore biomass energy can be infinitely produced.

3. Energy Transformations

Burning plants that releases carbon dioxide can also let other plants absorb it. Therefore the number of carbon dioxide would slowly but surely decrease.

4. Less Unnecessary Money Spent

By using Biomass, an already clean energy source, we can also save money on oil from other countries.

5. Reduces Landfill

Because biomass uses dead organisms or animal waste, they can reduce landfills partially by burning trash.

6. Flexibility

Since biomass is made from living things, it can be very flexible and can therefore be made from anything.



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