Same Job,Different Pay By Grace holzman-hansen

Inequality in the Workplace

Imagine you're an ordinary women working in an office. You decide to go to lunch with some of your co-workers. Everyone is having a good time when one man brings up wanting a raise. This man has the same level of education, expertise, and the same job as you. He talks about how much his salary is and claims that it isn't enough for him. As your sitting there you realize, “Wow. He is making some good money compared to me.” Are there more people like me who are a unfairly impacted by this wage gap? Many women have to face this sad truth everyday. On average, women make about $.77 for every $1 made by a man, sometimes even less.

Soccer Slip-Up

The answer is: yes. Lots of young, middle aged and older women are impacted by the wage gap. One example of this is the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. The women's team is very talented, and they are unquestionably successful. The team has won 3 world cup titles, 4 olympic gold medals, 7 CONCACAF gold cups wins, and 10 Algarve cups. In fact, they are one of the most successful international women's teams. The U.S men’s team have come in 2nd and 3rd in these major tournaments, but they haven't won. This is one reason for the huge upset. The women’s team is obviously superior in their league compared to the men’s team, but they don’t get enough appreciation for that. In an interview, Hope Solo stated, "We are the best in the world, have three World Cup Championships, four Olympic Championships, and the USMNT [US Soccer Men’s National Team] get paid more just to show up then we get paid to win major championships."

Five players are taking the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) to court. They are charging them with wage discrimination. At one hearing, it was revealed that they women are being paid $30,000 each for making the world cup teams. At the same time, men are being paid $68,750 for making the team. This is not fair and justice is not served.

Different Countries, Same Problem

In an article from Business Insider, it is stated that “ There’s no country in the world where women earn more than men.” Unfortunately, the wage gap occurs everywhere. Some of the biggest wage gaps are in South Korea and Japan. The men are earning up to 30% more than the women. While one of the smallest wage gaps is in New Zealand at about 5%. In some countries, it's more than others due to many reasons. It could be economy or just their culture. Some cultures believe that men are superior to women, although that is simply not true. Another reason is because of their economy. Some claim that closing the wage gap would lead to money problems. In a recent study, it was found that closing the gap slowed down as more women are working. As a matter of fact, approximately a quarter of a billion more women globally are working now than a decade ago.

In many countries, there are more women in universities than men. Consequently, women are playing a bigger role in the economy. However, the majority of women are not advancing to top positions they way men similarly situated do. One reason for this is because women often have more than one job based on their work life and their home life. They have a workload at home and in the office. Men often have less to do because they are focusing on their one job since they do not also have to manage what goes on at home. Therefore, even though many more women are educated they are still disadvantaged by the additional workload. Until society changes what women are "supposed to do” around the house, it will be harder for women to advance. A good resolution for this is that men and women should split up the workload at home evenly so both can be successful at home and in the workforce.

Hopeful Future

The projections are that in about 118 years the wage gap will be fully resolved. While a more optimistic view would say that as females are rising in the workplace we may see results happening faster than expected. We are in a time where women have jobs such as CEO’s of big companies and different jobs that everyone is entitled too. Hopefully, as women are moving into top jobs and different positions, they will help other women advance and flourish.


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