Good Life Tour of the Harn Ryan daniel


Seeing this artwork in person stood out differently to me than when viewed through a photograph. This artwork reminded me of a view I saw when getting my night training for my private pilot's license. I feel connected to this artwork as the photos I have taken through my training do not give justice to just how beautiful and amazing the views were in person. Experiencing and seeing things with your own eyes first hand evokes a much different response than only being able to see what a camera/canvas has captured.


The design of the museum overall allowed the artwork to gather your maximum focus. I enjoyed going to this "wing" of the museum as they were able to include the art of humans constructing a garden. When you entered the room that led to this outdoor exhibit, the entire wall was see-through and allowed you to see the garden from inside. I included a picture I took of this wall on the introductory page. This garden was raised above ground level so it made me feel as if I was separated from the clamor that Gainesville sometimes has. They efficiently used the limited about of space to have a pond, bridge, and even a mini waterfall. It was relaxing to walk through this area.

Core Value

This Buddha art in the Harn Museum appeals to my core values. I strive to find peace/happiness in my life and spread it to others. If someone or something is adding negative value to my life then I will separate myself from them/it. This artwork expressed to me the idea that others will always have differing values from myself. This is something that I accept and understand while never attempting to impose my own ideas on someone else that does not agree with them. I like the idea of everyone doing as they wish as long as it implements the best interest for the most people around them.

Good Life

This artwork expresses the Good Life to me in a way which may be different to others. I love looking at things from a different perspective and enjoy watching the rush of a city from a distance. This painting depicts trees/cars/people as miniature figures. This is something I witness first hand as I am flying over populated areas. While everyone may be caught in the moment on the ground, I am able to take a step away from the high speed reality and experience my own form of relaxation.

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