The Music and Landscapes of Northern Iceland CUltural tour of Reykjavik and northern Coast, june 12 - 19, 2021

Project Por Amor and René Goiffon are excited to lead our newest experience of contemporary culture in Iceland's two largest cities and sublime Northern landscapes of Iceland. We've curated dinner parties, concerts, artist studio visits, architectural tours, design stores, and farm-to-table cuisine in the cosmopolitan capital of Reykjavik. Then we will head north on a six-day adventure to immerse ourselves in waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers, fjords, crater lakes, rainbows, whales, wild horses and the midnight sun.

Tour Producers

René Goiffon came to the US from France in 1982 and built the critically lauded independent record company harmonia mundi usa. Goiffon's longtime interests in music and traveling led him to create World Village, a subsidiary label of harmonia mundi that releases world music albums. Both harmonia mundi and world village have received multiple Awards and Grammy nominations. He is married to Grammy Award winning classical producer Robina Young. He has traveled several times to Iceland where he became familiar with most of the people and places listed in the itinerary. To listen to René's Icelandic music playlist on Spotify click here.

Sage Lewis is a composer for film, television, virtual reality, and brand campaigns. His scores can be heard on Netflix, HBO, Oculus, Apple Apps & Music, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and many other platforms. He also runs a production company in Havana called Project Por Amor that organizes cutting edge cultural tours to Cuba, Colombia, and Iceland. For more information visit sagelewismusic.com To listen to Sage's Icelandic music playlist on Spotify click here.

Program Details

Double Occupancy: $6,835

Single Occupancy: $7,950

This trip is designed for a group of 10 - 15 travelers. Spots will be given on a first-come-first serve basis. We expect this trip to fill up fast so we encourage you to sign up while there is still availability.

For more information on any aspect of this amazing trip, please contact Sage Lewis at Project Por Amor by telephone: 310-961-1574 or email: projectporamor@gmail.com

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Deposits of $750 are due to Project Por Amor within two weeks of signing up and full payment of the final balance is due to Project Por Amor 75 days before departure (April 20). Changes and cancellations 90 days (March 5) before departure will be refunded based on the refund policy found in the Terms and Conditions.

Program Price Includes:

  • Accommodations for 3 nights at Sand Hotel (downtown Reykjavik), 1 night at Siglo Hotel (Siglufjordur), 1 night at IcelandAir Hotel (Akureyri) and 2 nights at Foss Hotel (Myvatn) (or similar)
  • Daily breakfast at hotel and 6 lunches at select Icelandic restaurants, and 4 dinners including a welcome dinner party, and tasting menu dinner at Dill (18 meals total) with 1 beverage included at each meal
  • Private concerts of Icelandic musical ensembles
  • Walking tours of Reykjavik and Akyreyri led by Sugar Cubes drummer Siggi Baldursson, counter tenor Sverrir Gudjonsson, and Hollywood Film Composer Atli Orvarsson
  • Presentation of Norse Mythology by Astru Priest Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson and Elf Initiation by Bryndis Petrusdottir
  • Guided 5-day scenic excursion through northern Iceland to visit small towns of Borgarnes, Laugarbakki, Saudarkrokur, Siglufjordur, Akureyri, Husavik, Lake Myvatn, and more
  • Whale watching in Husavik with Gentle Giants and full day super-jeep excursion through Lake Myvatn
  • Entrance to the Myvatn geo-thermal natural baths and spa
  • Luxury van transportation (includes airport transfers)
  • Trip led by film composer Sage Lewis, record producer René Goiffon, and professional Icelandic tour guide, along with local experts
  • Curated playlists of Icelandic music to accompany the landscapes during our scenic drives!


  • Airfare to Iceland
  • three dinners
  • Additional drinks
  • Trip interruption insurance
  • All other items not listed in ‘PROGRAM PRICE INCLUDES’


Iceland is at the forefront of sustainable energy production. Almost all electricity in Iceland is produced using renewable energy sources, with 73% provided by hydropower plants and 26.8% from geothermal energy, accounting for over 99% of total electricity consumption in Iceland.

A majority of Icelanders believe in elves.

Per capita, Iceland has the highest number of book and magazine publications and 10% of it's population will publish a book in their lifetimes. The Icelandic language remains unchanged from ancient Norse. That means 1,000-year-old texts are still easily read, mostly notably, the Sagas which are great inspiration to Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and other popular fantasy.

Iceland currently ranks as the most expensive country in the world to travel to. Staying in hotels is 32% more expensive in Reykjavík than other Nordic capitals; prices of restaurants and lodging exceed the EU average by 44%; while the cost of alcoholic beverages outstrips the same standard by a whopping 123%.

Iceland is ranked as the safest country in the world. The Icelandic police don’t carry guns. Crime in Iceland is very low and violence is practically nonexistent. "Niceland" does not have an army, navy or air force.

Iceland is home to the world’s oldest running democracy, the Althing, established in 930. It also had the first democratically elected female and openly gay heads of state.

Iceland has 4500 square miles of glaciers, 30 active volcanic systems, 800 hot springs and over 10,000 waterfalls.

Iceland is considered to be the best place in the world to be a woman. For the last decade the nation has topped the World Economic Forum's annual gender gap report and placed first in The Economist's "glass ceiling" index. It has one of the best records in the world for female political representation and board membership.

The history of Icelandic music is a history of scarcity. For a long time, there were no pianos, no violins and no cellos because they couldn’t survive the climate. So there has been a special focus on the voice as their primary musical instrument. Pretty much every Icelandic town has its own choir which plays a major part in their social life.


In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Tour organized, arranged and/or provided by Project Por Amor LLC, a California corporation, I, an adult participant and/or parent or legal guardian of a participant under the age of 18 ("minor"), acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Reservations & Payments: Online sign up must be accompanied by a deposit in the amount of $750 USD per person mailed by check to Project Por Amor by May 1, 2020. Final Payment is due no later than 75 days before departure. Any pre- and post- trip arrangements not finalized by 75 days before travel, may result in an additional service fee. It is our policy to hold travel documents until full payment is received.

Cancellations/Refunds: For land arrangements, written cancellation received by Project Por Amor by March 1, 2020 will result in a full refund less the deposit of $750 per person. In the event of later cancellation by the participant, no refund will be made. No refund will be made for any part of this program in which you choose not to participate. The right is reserved to cancel this program at any time prior to departure if it is deemed necessary, or if registration numbers prove insufficient and a full refund will be made to those persons registered at the time.

Escrow Protection: Project Por Amor will deposit your payments directly into our separate client account. This means that such funds will be maintained separate and apart from our operating funds until approximately 60 days prior to departure when we are required to pay the costs of your trip.

Included: All services as detailed in this proposal. Not Included: Passport fees, baggage fees, items of a personal nature, such as valet/laundry, phone/fax/Internet communications; items not on the regular menus, expenses of hotels, meals, guides, buses, cars, railroads, boats, etc. for sightseeing not included in the itinerary; trip insurance; any other items not specifically included; after-tour gratuities to guide and motor coach driver.

Visas: Citizens of the US and Canada may enter Iceland for up to 90 days without a visa. Citizens from other countries may require a valid visa. These requirements change often and therefore it is best that you check with the Embassy of Iceland for the most up-to-date visa information.

Insurance Information and Medical Evacuation: Cancelation and Medical Insurance is recommended as it can safeguard against the expenses associated with in-country medical emergencies, lost or delayed baggage and emergency cancelation or interruption of your trip. Medical facilities in Iceland are comparable to North American facilities. Travel insurance is provided by a number of third-party carriers. You might check with your current insurance carrier. Contact Project Por Amor, if more help is needed.

Responsibility: In all matters related to the making of arrangements for hotel accommodations, required program activities, sightseeing tours and services provided incident there to, entertainment and transportation by air, railroad, motor coach, boat, automobile, taxi, etc. Project Por Amor, LLC (“PPA”) will act in the sole capacity of an agent for any of the travel services with carriers, hotels, restaurants, suppliers and all other related services. Because of our status as an agent, and because PPA maintains no control over the personnel, equipment, or operations of these travel service providers, PPA can assume no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, property/luggage damage or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of (1) any wrongful or negligent actions or omissions on the part of the suppliers, (2) any wrongful, negligent or unauthorized acts or omissions on the part of any employee of any of these suppliers, (3) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment, or instrumentality owned, operated, or otherwise used by any of these suppliers, or (4) any wrongful or negligent actions or omissions on the part of any party. Group members assume responsibility for their physical abilities to travel. PPA and their agents reserve the right to decline to accept or retain any persons as a member of the trip any time before departure or during the trip should said person’s health or physical condition or general deportment impede the operation of the program, in which case no refund will be given. The above disclaimers are similarly claimed by any sponsor of the trip, if applicable. The trip prices mentioned in this document are based on tariffs and costs in effect at the time of printing and are subject to increase without notice should there be any upward revision in such tariffs or costs before departure. In the event it becomes necessary or advisable for any reason whatsoever to alter the itinerary or arrangements such alternations may be made. Additional expenses, if any, will be borne by the travelers. The price includes the operator’s compensation for service, supervision, operation, promotion, and profit.

Substitutions: Iceland is an Arctic country that is subject to extreme and unpredictable weather patterns. If extreme weather causes any portion of our program to become impractical, PPA will work diligently to keep the selections intact and/or assure that any equal substitutes will be made in the same category.

Room Occupancy: PPA will make every effort to accommodate your single or double room or suite request. However, room occupancy is based on availability and you will be charged for the actual room arrangement you get during the actual trip to Iceland.

Room Conditions: PPA will work to make every effort to ensure that your room is acceptable by U.S. Standards. However, travelers must understand that all accommodations are unique and there will be many small differences between every room.

Optional Activities: Optional activities furnished by independent suppliers not affiliated with PPA carry with them various inherent risks that can cause serious personal injury. Although precautions are taken by suppliers to guard against such dangers, your safety cannot be guaranteed. Should you elect to participate in such activities while on this program, you must understand that participation will be at your own risk.

Acts of God and Like: PPA is not liable for acts of God, fire, acts of governments or other authorities, wars, civil disturbances, riots, terrorist acts, strikes, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, dangers incident to sea, land and air travel and other similar acts or incidents beyond its ability to control.

Compliance with United States and Icelandic Laws: By paying the deposit and other invoices for this trip, the participant certifies that he/she will abide with all applicable laws for foreign visitors in Iceland. Failure to comply with U.S. and Icelandic law will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

Photography Consent: PPA requests permission to video tape, film, and or photograph our program in Iceland. I grant PPA the absolute right to copyright, re-use, publish and reproduce by any medium, including electronically, any Personal Images of me or in which I may be included worldwide, free of charge and without my right of inspection. These photographs and video records will be used by PPA for educational and promotional purposes in any manner or media. The material will not be sold to a third party. If I do not want PPA to use any Images, I understand and agree that I must inform PPA in writing before the start of the Tour.

ASSUMPTION OF ALL RISKS: I voluntarily apply to participate in a Tour under the arrangements of PPA with knowledge of the inherent hazards and risks involved in travel and activities in which I voluntarily choose to participate, including, but not limited to (all collectively referred to as "Risks"): motor vehicles, aircraft, trains, boats and all other conveyance; roads, trails and accommodations which are not maintained or operated to standards common in the United States; traveling in remote areas; the forces of nature; civil disturbance; terrorism and government restrictions, which I agree to monitor; high altitude conditions; accident or illness in remote locations without access to rapid rescue or medical facilities; and the adequacy of medical attention once provided. I have considered my own condition and limitations and the Tour itinerary and have concluded that I am physically and emotionally fit and able to participate in this Tour. I acknowledge that these are some, but not all, of the inherent and acquired risks associated with the activities performed on a Tour. I EXPRESSLY AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN WELFARE AND THE WELFARE OF MY MINOR DEPENDENTS TRAVELING WITH ME, AND I ACCEPT ANY AND ALL RISKS. I VOLUNTARILY AND KNOWINGLY FULLY ASSUME ALL OF THE ABOVE RISKS, as well as all other risks set forth in this agreement, both known and unknown, foreseeable and unforeseeable, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Traveler’s Representations: Acceptance of the Confirmation/Invoice covering this trip and payment thereof certifies that you have carefully reviewed and fully accept the terms and conditions set forth herein.


Photos by Sage Lewis and René Goiffon