Hae Min Jung Good Life Tour of the Harn


The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art located on the territory of campus at the University of Florida in Gainesville is a significantly important cultural institution in Florida, which contains a considerable number of the art objects throughout the world. The exhibitions of the museum fascinate the viewers from the first glance, and this continues to the very end of the spectacular journey through the classic and modern art.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Harn Museum of Art impressed me with the unique exhibitions and the artists with a world name who were and still are geniuses. I admired the painting of Claude Monet “Champ d'avoine”, which is one of my favorite from the works of French impressionist. Seeing it in person helped me better understand and appreciate the work than to be a viewer of the small pixels of images of the painting via Internet. Besides, the atmosphere of the museum and its art objects is reliable to the perception of the pictures, where the silent viewers are finding the relations between the painted stories and themselves. I imagine as once Monet was passing a small town of Giverny on the train, and soon decided to move there. The artist took the inspiration from a beautiful garden next to his house. Picturesque arches with climbing plants, flowers, pond with water lilies, and the silence inside the nature is not seen but felt on the painting even if it is not there.

The design of the Museum:

Frankly speaking, I am also keen on contemporary art. I admire the public views, skyscrapers, the constructions and everything connected to it. In this regard, I am interested in photography as well. My favorite exhibitions in the museum are those which contains the photographs of the architecture. I admitted the picture of the New Skyline took by Marvin E. Newman. It is kind of strange to view the pictures of the megapolis in the museum which is situated in a silent and peaceful area. Gainesville may fascinate with it ecological tourism and the constructions which were built in the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Art and Core Values

Sebastiao Salgado, a photography genius, was always making the shots for his artworks on the unique and rare locations. It refers to my personal views when an artist is a researcher, who has enough passion and desire to show the ban themes and open the discussion. I was touched by the work of Salgado First Communion in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil. Nevertheless, it is connected with the religion, one can see in the eyes of the depicted girls only one word: “Belief.” Whenever people are, despite the conditions and struggles, there is something on this earth that makes it turn around. Who we are without trust when our life is full of desperate? Salgado did not just take a picture of poor girls. Instead, he took a photo of faith and the true belief in the better times which will come soon.

Art and the Good Life

The Gold Fever occurred in Alaska in the late 19th century is well known to the audience from the stories of Jack London. The today’s focus is far away from the non-actual events. However, such kind of pages in the history appeal to the deep concern of the quality of life and the social issues which are related to the perception of people of their daily activities. I found a significantly impressive piece of art of the photographer Sebastiao Salgado with the name “Cast of thousands.” The artist found a real Klondike of Serra Pelada, a large gold mine in Brazil. Tens of thousands of brave hunters are possessed with a desire to reach the dreamed wealth fare. At the same time, the author depicted in his unique documentary photos in what terrible conditions people had to work. The photographs like this should not remain as the art objects. These are the signs for the next generations of what mistakes have to be avoided in the future.

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