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To be a good citizen It means that you obey the laws, you have responsibilities and you take care of them and complete them, you also a good citizen is someone who appreciates their community and has a very strong commitment to their community as well.

Common market is a force. There are many forces that are up against supranational cooperation and one of them that I chose was common market. Common market is a group of countries that act as a market, all members take part in government,Also the EU government doesn't replace the government of its members nations. Instead it's supranational government. The EU has many ways to create a European cultural identity like they have created cultural symbols like there flag and they have their own anthem!

Valuable resources in southwest region are very, valuable like it says. Oil is an example of a valuable resource! Oil is an example of a valuable reasource in Sothwest and Central Asia! It has affected the region extremely, although oil is a renewable reasource it takes a very long time to form and it is used a lot in the region! Like I said its affected the region in good and in bad ways. One good way it's affected the region is it has increased life expectancy by about fifteen years. A bad way it's affected the region is there is so much poverty and the oil expenses are a large. The oil costs don't help all the poverty in the countries in southwest and Central Asia.


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