IOP adventure By: your loving daughter; Molly (your favorite)

Reasons I Should Go: YOLO, I'm young and should have fun, I'm responsible, and finally there is a plan in place

Reason 1: YOLO - You only live once <---- self explanatory; you only live once and because of this you need to live life to the fullest whilst still being responsible ;)))) #carpediem

Let's seize the day

Reason 2: I'm young and should have fun <---- again while still being safe I'm 15 years old and starting to grow up and next thing I know I'll be going off to college so I gotta have some fun before life gets too serious

kathleen, Elizabeth, Kate and me having the time of our lives

Reason 3: I'm responsible <---- I know it may seem, at times, that I am quote irresponsible I am quite the opposite, I always turn my assignments in on time, my room is sometimes cleaned without you asking me too, & I do fairly well in school *cough* 4.3 GPA *cough* and I've also never caused you to not trust me so I'd figure that I am adequately responsible


Reason 4: There is a plan in place <---- the plan was first made by us 4 ladies but we thought you'd have concerns so we asked assistance from a trustworthy adult, Mrs. Flowers helped to organize all the fragile details

plans look like this^^

Your concerns: I'm only a sophmore, Kate is driving and we are in-experienced driver, and finally that this trip will be tiring

3 hour drive down and back 😱

Concern 1 and why you shouldn't be worried: I'm only a sophmore <---- I know you may think I am young but this isn't about me being a sophmore and me being too young your just concerned for my safety but a 16 year old will be driving which brings me too my next concern

I'm no baby!

Concern 2 and why you shouldn't be worried: Kate driving <---- as I said she is 16 1/2 so she has almost 2 years of driving experience and statistics show that only 12% of car crashes are teen related and when they are teen related it is from ages 17-20 and also Kate is a VERY good driver

Kate would be driving on the left side though

Concern 3 and why you shouldn't be worried: This trip will be tiring <---- this drive down would be exactly 2 hours and 9 mins away from my location and that would make the whole trip 4 hours and 18 mins subtract those 4 hours and 18 mins from the whole day so now the only thing left in the equation is all the spare time we have to rest on the beach ALLLLLLL day

^^i bet she's tired but we won't be!!!

REASON 5: I will always owe you favors of your wishing <---- I know you may think this is a bad reason but just imagine never ending favors; maybe for mom some dishes & vacuuming and maybe for dad a bit of torture like cleaning the attic (yes, really, I would go into the attic to go on this trip)




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