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This video (as cheesy as it is) does a great job illustrating the Engineering Design Process. Students watched the video on their own using their earbuds and desktop computers. There was then a brief discussion about the marble twister and the students were then asked to respond to a discussion post in Schoology.

2 Part Question

1. Explain how the marble twister illustrates iteration.

2. Give an example of one time in your life you had to refine an attempt at something. Include what aspect you refined how and how you determined if you were improving or not.

This information was then shared out with the rest of the class. This gave students a chance to elaborate if they desired and also allowed others to see various examples of the same concept.

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Students were then asked to complete a brief quiz asking them to place sample text in the correct order to match the Engineering Design Process.

Students then worked in teams of three to apply the new information they just learned about the Engineering Design Process.

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Once students had developed a problem statement they then worked in teams to create Google Docs for each stage of the design process. These documents were then linked to a graphic organizer that served as a interactive table of contents for their work.

Another option given to students was to use a Coggle Idea Map to illustrate their application of the Engineering Design Process.

Once the students finished their problem statement and research they began designing. Students used various colored markers to create rough and detailed sketches of their solutions. Each iteration was documented using their cell phone camera and then placed into the respective Google Doc.

The build and test steps of the Engineering Design Process were omitted for this practice exercise.



Writing about what the students achieved during the lesson allows them a chance to reflect and analyze their progress. There was no specific length suggested, but students were asked to for 5 minutes using two paragraphs and narrative format.

Writing Prompt

  1. What did you take away from today's exercise?
  2. Recap what you and your team accomplished today.
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