To Kill A Mockingbird By: Brandon sipes

Tom Robinson being convicted from Atticus's perspective.

I knew this would happen. I’m severely disappointed that my neighbors can’t see the truth and are blinded by their racism. Even so, I don’t blame them. They didn’t choose to be raised in Maycomb surrounded by the racism this town is infected with. On the positive side, I was expecting to lose this trial. I wanted to challenge it here and make a strong push for Tom to be acquitted, but the important part is the appeal. We have a real good chance on the appeal as long as Tom acts the way he has been acting thus far. Tom has a strong case. Anyone coming at this from an unbiased perspective should see there is no evidence supporting the Ewells’ outrageous claim. Jem, Scout, and I must also mind ourselves, I have the best chance of getting Tom’s ruling overturned but I cannot do that if I am removed from the case. If the four of us mind our head we will be okay.

Bob Ewell's assault from Boo's perspective

I wonder why Scout and Jem aren’t home yet. It isn’t safe to be walking around without an adult this late with the way Bob Ewell has been acting recently. I don’t trust him. I should watch and make sure Scout and Jem are safe. Why is Scout screaming! No no no no, it’s probably Bob. Get the kitchen knife and get out there. You can’t let your kids get hurt. Don’t hurt him any more than necessary. I hope he doesn’t have a gun. Please be unarmed. Get off Scout! AHHHH! Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die. Stab him! That’ll teach him to mess with my kids! No! That was stupid Arthur! What is wrong with you! Oh no Scout. Get him home. Hurry! He’s not conscious. I hope he’s ok. Bob Ewell deserves whatever he got from that kitchen knife. Drop him off in his bed and tell Atticus. Hide, quick. I can’t believe this just happened.

Atticus finding out Tom was dead from Atticus's perspective

It was Jem. I can’t believe he could do that. I know he can, and he is extremely protective of Scout, but I never would’ve guessed it was him. Bob must’ve attacked Jem and Scout while they were walking home and Jem just reacted. He was clearly trying to protect Scout and himself. I don’t blame him. I can’t let Heck just cover it up though. It must go to court so that this isn’t hanging over Jem’s head for the rest of his life. I refuse to be like the Ewells who are allowed to bend the rules because of who they are. No, Heck, Bob didn’t just fall on his knife. Stop trying to convince to cover up Jem’s involvement in this. I refuse to let you protect Jem from the consequences of his actions. Jem won’t be convicted as it was clear self-defense. Wait, was it really Boo and not Jem? That makes more sense. That’s a relief to know it wasn’t Jem.

Jem and Scout getting attacked from Bob Ewell's perspective

These ‘ere kids are gon be te way I can get back at Atticus. Ain’t nobody allowed ta do me like that an not ‘ave any payback. Atticus made me look bad in frontta ev’rbody an I ain’t gon stand for ‘t. Atticus cares too much bout these kids for ‘is own good. They’re easy targets, walkin’ all alone in da dark. I may ‘a had a few beers, but that ain’t gon stop me from killin’ off these two little kids. They’re all small an frail an weak. Ima big, strong, handsome man, I can take ‘em jus like my own kids. They gon get what their father deserves. He’s too big a coward ta even take me. Ima to good fo’ ‘im. So ‘is kids ‘ill have ta take it fo’ ‘im. That’ll show ‘im. Ain’t nobody gon question me then. Nobody gon take my job or stand up ta me. Yea. This is da best plan you’ve ‘ad in a while Bob.


I learned how to place myself into other people’s shoes from this assignment. It forces you to look at the way different characters act in the book and how they react to a certain event in order for you to be able to understand what they think. I learned how to do this for the characters in the book, which will hopefully translate into me being able to apply this more often in real life. I also got better at modifying the way I speak to fit other people’s dialects, even if I’m not very good at it. I think Mr. Crooke assigned this so that our class would be able to learn how to empathize with other people better. I think he also wants our class to be able to be to think about things from another person’s perspective, which I think I definitely improved at from this assignment.

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