CCLP Celebrates 10 years, advoCatiNg & advaNcing the Rights, PRIVILEGES & proTection of incarerated teeNs

The Center for Children's Law and Policy speaks out - forcefully, effectively and passionately - for the many thousands of children and youth, removed from their homes and confined within every state of our nation. Months and often, many years pass while held in detention, incareated, kept behind bars, locked away, unable to speak, isolated and alone.

Three of CCLP's headliners, Mark Solar, Executie Director and founder, Valerie McDowell, Operations Director and onValerie's left, Jason Szanyi, Director, Institutional Reform
From across DC and across country, colleagues, supporters, policy leaders and on this day, good friends, all, travelled to Washington to honor CCLP' first after 10 years benefiting young lives and bettering the conditions of incarcerated youth.
Great Pride in Great Deeds

CCLP is all about changing the conversation, turning away from the old models of neglect, inefficiency and abuse still found in the treatment of children and youth committed to lengthy juvenile detention. CCLP advocates for the highly specialized care and programming that are absolutely essential elements of juvenile detention. Solitary confinement remains in frequent use by state juvenile facilitIes across the nation. Held behind bars for too long, children and teens are made to suffer the "unintended consequences" of such outdated practices. CCLP and its staff of professionals go forth, lobbying state politicians, advocating for youth in the face of such hurtful practices and brings a new, effective, and evidence based treatment methodology to the nation's population of jailed youth.

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