Oskar Schindler By ben anderson, ryan schmidt, Andrew, Andrew Deschepper and john paul schreiber

Early life Oskar Schindler was born in 1908 to a German family who was living in Austria-Hungry. As a child Schindler attend school but due to the fact the he forged his report card he was kick out of school. A few years later Schindler was in the Czech army where he eventually became a Lance-Corporal. When he came back from the army he found himself without a job and started to drink. Schindler was even arrested form public drunkenness a couple of times

Oskar Schindler eventually found joining Sudetenland German Party. Through this party he eventually became a spy for Nazi Germany. Schindler said that the only reason he became a spy was becasue he was desperate for money. The Czechoslovakan government for his spying on them, but he ended up being released because of the Munich Agreement. Following that Schindler became a member of the Nazi party where he continued spying.

During World War II Schindler owned a factory that made goods for the Nazi army. Schindler started to employ Jews because their labor was cheaper than everyone else. He soon found out that by employing Jewish workers kept them from going to concentration camps. Started to employ more Jews to keep them from going to the camps. Schindler had to go to extreme measures to protect the Jews from the Nazis in one instance he even bribed Nazi SS officers by giving them diamonds from his own collection to keep the Jews safe. Schindler is credited as saving over 1,000 Jews life.

Following the war Schindler was in fear of being arrested for being apart of the Nazi party. Some of the people he saved prepared a statement that he could present to the Americans or whoever arrested him to prove his innocence. During the war Schindler spent all of his funds on bribes. Schindler also had a couple of failed businesses following the war. Schindler kept in touch with some of the people that he saved following the war, but however he died in 1974 becasue of a heart attack.

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