Michael James Hatchett Jr. abc African Project

Africa is the second largest contenent in the world
Burundi is the smallest country
70% of the worlds cocoa is in Africa
Desmond Tutu was a world famouse religous leader from Africa
Ethopia maintained colonial
Fredrick M Jones was an inventor that invented the first practical automatic refrideration
The Great Pyramids Of Giza is located in Africa
Hartsbeesport Dam is a popular tourist attraction in Africa
Imlil is an abanded village located in morocco
Johannesburg is a city in Africa that has many tourist attractions
Kampala is a country in Africa that has a population of 2.5 million
Lion Park is a breeding ground for animals that are endangered
Malin is a landlocked country in the Sahara Desert
Nigeria is a country influrenced by brittish
Omo Valley is home to 200,000 different tribes with a huge variety of animals
peiterse sasha is an actress from Africa and played in movies and shows such as exman and pretty little liars
quachas nek is a town with a population of only 8,000
Nelson mandela went to prison


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