JD RESTORATIONS Marketing and social media analysis

Market Analysis

Your target audience is made of home owners living in their properties for more than 2 years, 2 years to 6 years, 6 years to 10 years, 10 years to 20 years, below this analysis you will find accurate data to base operational, marketing and financial decisions to acquire a better rate of return on your efforts to get and covert more leads into customers.

The age of your target market is extremely important due to marketing craft and company image, as well,as to develop plans to target the places and interest of your target audience

Audience age range

Most important places for your market

According to our data this is where you should focus the biggest part of your effort, since is where you will find the higher quantity of home owners currently having a need for the services you offer.

These are arranged in relevance order, your probabilities of higher conversions and leads are located by city and affinity in which Miami, Hialeah, Pembroke Pines, ft Lauderdale & homestead are the most important places in which you should focus the mayority of your marketing efforts as well as customer acquisition. Anything less than 500% is of no relevance for this study.

Cities audience concentration

House and financial information

These information only includes home owners currently living in their properties or with more than 1 property, the study completely cuts off renters from the data

Why is this important : in case you need to go deeper on your makerting analizys this will give you a good idea of the city neighborhoods that are most likely to convert, based on the household income and home value you can identify which neighborhood and areas are of more relevance which in fact will turn around more customers than a regular strategy.

Type of industry and Profession

Type of people, education level

87% of household purchases, enrollments and changes are made by a couple, either married or not married, this means you will find a higher closing rate in cases where you can sell, talk and or market yourself when the customer is accompanied by its significant other.

Due target audience education level your best selling tactic is concise, direct and transparent, it is of maximun importance to always educate your customers on the benefits they will get of your service and the hazards and risk that they currently have.

Things to avoid : fishy selling tactics, cheap and poor customer service, poor logistical development, poor and unprofessional image.

Mantain image and identity at all times.

Purchase & spending behavior

This target audience is used and confortable with online spending, which confirms that online efforts, as marketing, brand awareness, social media, google and web are highly important if not the most important aspect of you image as well as a key part of customer acquisition and expansion

Type of device used

This study shows mayor part of your target audience uses mobile, this tell us that they are high social media consumers and would respond well on content marketing and social media marketing campaigns made by your company including social brand awareness .

Please have in mind that this data is not only for digital marketing and social media, it can be used on printed marketing and as well as on customer referral.

Social media analysis


Likes : 90

Engagement : 0

Quality of content: poor, non existent

Quality of post : excellent

Quality of pictures : excellent

Reach : 0

Summary: jd restorations Facebook page has a very good image, profile picture is of quality and and well cropped. Facebook cover picture is of good quality ad well, on these 2 subjects there are room for improvement but it is not necessary since what they have it's pretty good and professional.

The quality of the pictures and post are very good but there is no reach or engagement whatsoever, pictures are very repetitive, there is no relevant content on topics alike that can awaken potential customer interest, there is not content. PPC, or any other campaigns set up or brand awareness at all, no tags researched and no strategy, no Facebook management is in place.Customer is not losing money but is leaving extensive sums of money on the table, post needs to be more diverse but never leave the main topic or the area of expertise of the company, too many pictures and 0 informational or engagement post

Customer can use the power of content marketing to start building traction and diversify the repetitive posting into more egagable topics and promote the brand as well

Customer can develop a Facebook funnel and strategy to increase awareness, as well as find conversions and leads, currently not developed


Followers: 1192

Following : 2660

Engagement: % 0.5 poor

Quality of images : excellent

Quality of posting: excellent

Customer has very good quality media, but It has the same problem as Facebook, posting is repetitive and boring, is not providing value in any way, customer is not reaching the desired audience, there is no hashtag research, customer doesn't know what's the ideal customer on social media that's the reason his postings has little or no impact at all, no lead catcher in bio. Too many macro pictures on the profile, social media manager needs to stop it right away. No egaging content and media, account is not fully automated. Social media manager is not creating awareness, we don't want to know what you sell, we want to see a system that educates people then we want to be sold results in order to sell the product . No strategy is in place, huge room for improvement .


Followers 246

Following : 826

In terms on followers the account is very good, but I has the same problem as the other social media accounts, very good pictures, constant posting, but it's repetitive and boring, customer needs to improve in quality of content, twitter is a very good position to help us with the Seo a]strategy, there is no content segregation set up, no tagging no reach no engagement.

A lot of room for improvement

Website, Local Seo & Google

According to a conversation with the customer, he expressed that his website was only to comply with the prerequisite of having a website, in the picture above I'd like to show my customer the amount of money your competence is paying per click to their website, if the competence is willing to pay 50 dollars per click is because it is an extremely profitable niche, almost all keywords are in the range of 50 dollars which make it high. But usually when is so expensive it's because there is a lot money being made using this method.

Customer has not done any Seo or local Seo whatsoever. It's not in the 7 pack of google and nowhere near of it, customer doesn't have a google business profile either a google verified address, no Web 2.0 profiles precense. No directories, conclusion, customer is nowhere to be found.

The niche is not very easy to dominate due to the high competition , but it's very feasible with a long term strategy in place and not paying for google ads.

Your mayor competition is Miami restoration pro

Number of baclinks : 100

Quality : 11

Spam factor : 3% not good not bad

Content: normal

Local Seo: poorly done

Domain authority: low

Page authority: low

Total market dominator

Website quality : good

Probability of jd restoration winning ' medium high short term, very high probability of niche domination long term


Domain is very good, it already has authority and describes customer niche

Website has no clear call to action, designers failed big time, a website is a tool to convert prospects into customers, and it's failing to do so; there is no clear call to action, the call to action is at the end of the page, this should be in the top. Accompanied by a lead catcher funnel and a marketing hook, it does not have any.

Typography and grammar is extremely bad, the website needs to be rewrited, no innovative content, no blog for content marketing, links for social media profiles are broken, this needs fixing now. There is no clear plan as to what should the customers do once they get there, no call tracking number, and no Seo, local Seo has been performed.

Design wise is good and picture quality is good, needs to be optimized to do what is intended to do. And a clear call to action.


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