South Africa's Potential By: Clare Sullivan

A team of high school girls are set to launch Africa's first satellite in South Africa. They are hoping to monitor their land to have better farming therefore boosting the economy. It will also be able to detect a precursor to a flood or drought by thermal imaging to help prevent less deaths in the country and to better prepare themselves. The information will be received twice a day for the most accurate data. These girls are part of a STEM program and are hoping this satellite will solve a lot of South Africa's problems and Africa's problems as a whole in the future.

This satellite is connected to class because we tend to think of Africa as an underdeveloped country. However, the technology and intelligence it takes to launch a satellite is immense. We tend to base how successful a country is by how innovative their technology is and South Africa is starting to keep up with the rest of the world.

This article discusses that since Nelson Mandela, South Africa is thriving economically. They have a growing middle-class which is a necessity for a stable economy in a country. About 40% of the population is under 35 which means they have a very young demographic and a new working class. Rasool, the South Africa Ambassador to the United States, is looking towards a positive future for South Africa. Even though their country is haunted by the apartheid, they have come a long way since Nelson Mandela and are working towards a bright future. They still have a lot to work through, but they have made substantial progress.

Throughout the year we have talked about how vital it is for a progressive country to have a young demographic to have a growing working class. Especially a country that is trying to recuperate from a hardship, it is critical to have a young working class to help boost the economy and decrease unemployment.

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