The performance night The divine: a play for sarah bernhardt

Today is January 21st, 2017. It is a special day for some of the IUF students who have reserved the performance ticket. To night, we are going to watch the play: The Divine. Even though the play started at 7:30 p.m. I came a little bit earlier since this is my first time come to the theater. I just want to make sure that I can find the spot. I saw many people taking selfies or chilling with their friends. We are supposed to take some pictures at the lobby to get the credit. However, I think it will be more interesting to take picture about the environment of the theater because everyone seems happy and relax. That is the thing that we want because the topic of this class is called "good life".

After a short wait at the lobby, i confirm my reservation and get this book from the staff. There are some information about the theater, and some art at the corridor. However, I had to give my backpack to the staff so I did not have time to take some pictures. When I sat down, I started to read this book and try to understand the synopsis of this story. Most of students are sitting there and taking pictures. Not only we have to do that for credits, but also the stage is pretty cool! I was sitting in the middle of the auditorium. I can clearly hear the words from the actors. It was so great when the light dimmed. We can see nothing but the stage. When the light of the stage was on, I feel like I was there in the story. I have never seen any play, so that was actually my first time. We just cannot wait to see the play.

Here is what the stage looked like. It is so ancient because this story happened in 19th century. Actually, those "beds" on the stage have some "tricks". After every scene, people will come up and flip the bed, and then they will become sewing machines. Also, that things that looked like windows I think they are like the screen since I have seen them change to a few different background. Further more, there is a "secret tunnel" under the stage. That could help the actors go back to the backstage quickly.

This is the stills of the play that I have found on google because we were not allowed to use cellphone during the performance. We were doing so good because no one has taken out their phone to take a picture. It was a nice experience sitting in Constans Theater to watch this performance. It was so wired that watching the play in the beginning because that is not like you are watching a movie in the theater. The actors even reacted with us! We can see their dressing, their make up, and even their emotion. I did not do a complete research about this play. I roughly know the theme of this play. Therefore, I did not pay to much attention on the content of the play. I focused more on actors reaction, and lines. However, at the second scene, I was totally attracted. I could feel that all the actors are so professional, and they were sparing no effort to express the story to all of us. It was a sad story, it tells about the darkness of the society at that time. Sarah Bernhardt, she is a brave actress. She did not really care about the profits of his performance. All she cares is she want to show to people that what kind of person she truly is. Also, by coincident, she revealed things that people would not know normally.

Finally, this meaningful and interesting humanity trip has ended. I took a selfie to zip this trip. Like Sarah said: " What would life be without art? Eating, drinking, sleeping, praying and dying... why go on living?" I wish we could all find out the good life through art, make it become our legacy, and pass it to next generation!

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