Staples girls' basketball moves on in the state championship Article and Photos done by charley guthartz

The Staples Wreckers girls' basketball team took home a win with a score of 58-34 after playing Kennedy on Monday, March 6 to move on in the state tournament.

Nicole Holmes '21 taking the ball to the center of the court to try and make a layup.

During the first quarter the Staples Wreckers came out craving a win with an ending score of 37-15. After their loss in the FCIAC championship game, they came through with positive attitudes to proceed in the state tournament.

Staples player Lexie Moskovit '21 fighting for the ball with a player from Kennedy High School.

"We are putting the FCIAC game behind us, [we] are starting fresh, we are excited to come out strong and we are definitely going to need to come together as a team," Sydelle Bernstein '22 said.

Mia Didio '22 shooting a free throw after getting fouled shooting a layup.

At halftime the Wreckers No. 1 seed were still in the lead against the 32nd seed in the state tournament. The Staples team never dipped below a 20 point lead against the Eagles which gave every player on the team a chance on the court in their first game in states.

Staples able to keep the ball on the offensive side for the duration of the game. But even with the ball in their possession, they kept fighting for the ball. During the third quarter the Eagles were able to get the ball on their side of the court. They brought the score a little closer but not enough to proceed in the states tournament.

Number 11 Caroline Delaurentis '21 with the ball looking for a pass.

The Wreckers came out of their first state game with a win over Kennedy High School with a score of 58-34. Even as the No.1 seed in the tournament, the Wreckers know they still need to practice hard and come together as a team to try and take the state title. Staples was supposed to continue in the tournament and play Greenwich although due to the Coronavirus the rest of the tournament has been canceled.

"I think that the real difference this year is how close we are as a team and our team chemistry and that is why we are so successful because we all have each others back on the court," Mckenzie Didio '22 said.