Senior athletes decide on other options besides collegiate sports

Janie Rounds

“Over Christmas break I decided on attending the University of Arkansas, to major in physical therapy or any career where I can help athletes. I’ve always wanted to play for a Big 12 school or SEC school to play tennis, but the college experience and rushing for a sorority is more intriguing to me.”

Reagan Potts

“I'm going to the University of Arkansas to major in Biology, so I can pursue a career in optometry, a career inspired by the family that I babysit often. High school tennis has taught me good work ethic and how to communicate with others.”

Guy Johnson

“Long lasting injuries, especially in football, will affect athletes throughout their lives, so I don’t want to hurt my body any more than it already is… So I plan to go to college to major in Biology, I’ll always remember the early morning summer workouts and effort needed every single day, especially when I get a job.”

Adrienne Armstrong

“Ideally I’ll attend University of Central Arkansas or Texas Tech to major in nursing. I’ve wanted to be a [Neonatal] nurse helping premature babies, although I don’t want to continue cheering it’s taught me to step out of my shell and talk to people.”

Malley Wallace

“Dancing after high school hasn’t been the plan, I would like to attend Ouachita Baptist University while majoring in Biology. I want to go into the medical field because I’ve learned the discipline and how to accomplish goals through being a HighStepper.”

Trey Lavender

“At first I committed to Cameron University to play baseball, but I realized that COVID threatened the season and I needed a real college experience. I now plan to attend the University of Arkansas. Sports definitely prepared me because they’ve taught me that everybody comes from different backgrounds and circumstances.”

Nathan Morriss

“I developed severe shoulder impingement, I already have pain and if I continue swimming [competitively] after high school, I can hurt it permanently. So I plan to go to college and major in engineering. Even though my competitive career will be over I’ll always be able to take away an interest in working out and fitness.”

Fezeka Barnes

“It’s in the air whether I’ll compete in athletics in college, but either way I’ll attend Howard University with a major in Business and a focus in marketing. Athletics has taught me there’s always a goal to reach and I’m going to take that into the fashion industry.”
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Caden Rainwater