In Nature Exploring the connection between humans and nature

Nature is all around us. For so long, it has been the constant factor for all of humanity. It sustains us, filling our lungs with the fresh air we need to survive and prosper. It captivates us, filling us with a sense of satisfaction as we sit for a moment and observe, forgetting the humdrum of daily existence for just a while.

But nature is deterioarting - and often times, we humans forget that. We forget the importance of nature in our lives. We forget that we need nature more than it needs us. We forget that humans and nature are intrinsically linked together, that an upset of balance only breeds disaster. We forget this much too often.

Thus, this package is an exploration of that connection between man and nature - how some of us, to this day, immerse ourselves in the solace of nature through worship, soul-searching and activism.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

Exploring the role of nature in people’s lives.

Students and teachers describe their spiritual and creative connection to nature.

Environmentalists share their passion for nature and activism.

Santa Clara County Park employees share their connection with nature.

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