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Thank you for purchasing a copy of a day in the life of a GA student. Here at Fine Magazine, we strive to disturb your ideas and change the way you think. each of our articles has been masterfully crafted for your reading pleasure and we hope that you enjoy your experience.


An academic environment is grounded with different stereotypical types that form its population. Most of this stereotypes are present in this environment making the school a very diverse residence to be in. These stereotypes are also concerned on the learners personality and is based mainly on the normal day to day appearances of them.


An animal that stations at the bottom of the food chain hiding under the shadows of its predators trying to survive it's given environment. These students are stereotypically the ones with less company and degraded confidence, who usually prefers the comfort of being alone and not emotionally stable. A students whose problems affect their academics and attitudes therefore positions itself at the bottom of the food chain.


A type of beast that feasts on those who are weaker than it. An animal with exceptional confidence and usually takes control of its environment it stands on. These are the type of students who is depicted as "cool", "rich" and "mayabang" in a way by those around them. These students are usually the ones with trouble free schedule and makes time always for leisure in their own atmospheres with friends and colleagues.

3. Amphibians

A type of living organism that can survive on both land and water. The type that is able to balance its body conditions depending on its environment. These students are usually the ones that are able to have a stable living consisting of academics and extra-curricular activities. Ample amount of these students such as varsities who excel in studies with honors, students that is recognized from its competitions in different places of the country such as debate, math competitions and other sporting events held. These students sometimes display overachieving standards of performance due to their hard work and intelligence.


There's a saying that you are what you eat and for the most part in Ateneo Senior High School, we students have been transformed with what the teachers have taught us. We have several subjects in GA that allow us to be servant leaders which are what we are being taught even in subjects like Math or Science. With that in mind we compared the subjects, something that we deal with everyday, to things that we also deal with everyday which is food.

Admit it, you all love experiencing various types of food especially when you’ve been given the chance to dig in, but in the case of studying certain subjects, it has always been quite a mixed response sometimes we don’t quite have a grasp on how we feel about it when you see your grades similar to a roller coaster with all its ups and downs. That’s why I’m willing to tell you a few subjects and describe their food counterparts; let’s start off with mathematics, such a sour then sweet subject would truly be Yakee, you start off trying to deal with a hard piece of gum coated with an unbearable sour taste and yet as you chew further you feel that the gum starts to loosen, easier to grind, the sour taste blends and a bit more bearable. Similar to how certain math problems start out as nearly impossible, making you frustrated until little by little you slowly and finally solve it with pure relief. PE on the other hand is like eating ice cream on a hot summer day, it relieves stress as you work up a sweat from a long day of in school. Finally, in Research’s case is like a Jawbreaker you’d see in Candy Corners, where we invest a lot of time trying to get to its center, different shades appear as we get deeper into it and we feel a feeling of accomplishment once we’re finished with the entire thing.


Different seasons are which that defines are environment. We are provided 4 seasons in a year depending on it's atmosphere and given conditions.


This season of the year is mostly called the "chill" season. The time of the year wherein most of its people relax and rest under the warmth of its environment. An atmosphere compromised with earlier nights and later days. These subjects are habitually the ones where in students are able to relax from the intense previous lessons they had. A period of earlier dismissals due to its unnoticeable fast time approach and its later beginnings since moderators on these subjects are commonly composed and constantly peaceful pending their classes. These subjects are mainly, Research, Management and DRRR.


A season of joy and excitement, accompanied by a feeling of having pleasurable time and pure bliss as it is the season most are able to take a break from the workload they had to carry through the year. An atmosphere of no tension, pressure and anxiety due to the deficiency of grind and too much exertion of work in line with the everyday labor. The subjects tantamount to these season are subject that exemplifies fun and exciting subjects such as filipino, english and etc.

3. Winter

Winter is mainly a term of cold and freezing time of the year. A period of longer nights and shorter days with temperature dropping minus degrees developing what we call snow. It is a time of unexciting, tedious and most especially boring because the things you can commonly do in this type of season are bantam compared to summer. The subjects identical to this nature of atmosphere would be the mind-numbing subject such as CLE, Science, Calculus and etc.

4. Spring

Spring is the time where in days are longer and it is the season after winter and before summer. A period of also entertaining and exciting things to do but also motley chill and soothing. An example of this are periods of Recess, Lunch and Dismissal.


In our strand of General Academics, we experience a wide range of knowledge from filipino to math, to management and even disaster readiness and risk reduction. At the same time us students were given the opportunity to be able to interact and learn from a number of talented teachers who have been like second parents/ a bro (or sis)/ a friend, moreover haven’t failed to teach and inspire us; we intend to give you a few iconic teachers who we think resemble the following famous people whom we have seen on the big screens. Please bear in mind that not all of the following are based on appearance, some are more personality based.

1.) John Lloyd = Sir Soc

We all know this one happy go-lucky teacher blatantly throwing out hugot lines just like John Lloyd in one of his movies like “A Second Chance” and “I Love Betty La Fea” where his playful nature is sure to bring joy to everyone who meets him. I sincerely recommend seeing a selection of plays in which he features in.

2.) Joel Torre in “On the Wings of Love” = Sir Dela Paz

Wherein he’s depicted as someone who cares deeply about his family, Sir Dela Paz on the other hand always watches over his students with utmost care, never getting tired of reminding his students about cleaning their classrooms, to study their lessons especially when they need to catch up and motivate each and every one of us that we can make it no matter how bleak the situation is, he really personifies the wise and loving character.

3.) Kim Chiu = Mrs. Crisostomo

you’d always see her having such a professional look while at the same time being easy to approach and fun to be with, similar to Kim’s usual roles in some television series where she appears looking prim and proper in her business outfit, we see a hardworking and outstanding person who is able to overcome one of our greatest milestone that is mathematics.

4.) Richard Yap = Sir Del Rosario

Richard Yap, from his gallant looks to his bright smile, we see Sir Del Rosario’s image is in likeness to this much loved actor, both are capable businessmen with charismatic looks. We all know him from his diet business, Diet Buddy, which he constantly but effectively uses as an example for his lessons regarding management, his experience in his company was successfully integrated into teaching and inspiring us on the ways of handling a business.

5.) Daniel Padilla = Sir Tito Pavia

5) Our final pair of celebrity and teacher is Daniel Padilla and Sir Tito. Now hear me out, Both are well known, now if you don’t know Sir Tito as a senior high school student then you might as well start here, or not, moving on, their families have been successors of their respective trade. The Padillas being actors and actresses while the Pavias are outstanding teachers. He’s also capable of singing and playing the guitar, charismatic and girls admire him. Although Daniel Padilla stops there, our beloved Sir Pavia is talented in other fields such as mathematics, having prowess in speech and communication and finally, is an inspiring individual who excels in teaching.




Matthew Mather (Writer)

Joshua Lidasan - Editor

Jorell J. Crisostomo - Layout

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