Malcolm X "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom." Malcolm X

This man wanted change through peace through violence this man was Malcolm X. He joined groups and did speeches and marches and died for the cause of black civil rights. today you will be learning about Malcolm X and what he died, for the civil rights movement.

In his life Malcolm X wanted a lot of things. He wanted blacks to be free from the whites, he wanted integration through any means necessary. He wanted whites to stop being mean to. Another thing that he wanted was right before his death after a trip to Africa. He thought that the civil rights movement could spread to the whole world and that blacks could be treated equal rights everywhere. As you can see Malcolm X wanted many things.

The reason he did not like whites was because of things that happened in his childhood. First his house in omaha was burned down. Then 2 years later his father died most likely due to whites. Five years later his mother was sent to a mental asylum for the rest of her life. So at a young age he had lost his mother and father.

Now that his family was almost gone he was not just going to get a boring life at a office. No he was going to go out and tried to stop what was happening to people. So he joined the nation of Islam there he learned what he wanted to do. Next he started to speak out about civil rights and how blacks should fight back against whites. He spoke at places in chicago harlem and new york as well as other places in the US. Malcolm X then left the nation of Islam because he and elijah muhammad had a disagreement about the future of the nation. Then he formed a group called the Afro-American unity.

"To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace."

All Quotes from https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/malcolm_x_387328

"I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color".

Some good things that came out of this was growing in popularity, due to him speaking out he gained support. Another thing was him being second in command of the Nation of Islam But with all the good things there are some bad ones. The first bad thing that happened was he was murdered in 1964. And then after his death most people thought that he was bad for trying to be violent to get freedom but in reality he had changed a lot after a trip to Africa he took on the Idea of non violence then.

The last thing that we have to think about is did he meet his goal? I think yes because he was a very successful in life he was very prominent in the nation of Islam, and he helped African americans a lot in the civil rights movement by going and speaking out. He also made the Afro-American unity to help blacks that is why I think he was sucsesful.

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