Town of Pittsfield Local goverment project

Pittsfield town hall: 3041 Kunesh North Rd Pulaski, WI 54162
Town of Pittsfield map

I selected the road repair issue because I have noticed that there are a numerous of damaged/bumpy roads throughout the town of Pittsfield.

Local government's solution

The local goverment has also noticed the majorly damaged roads and have decided to take action. They have decided that they are going to repair all the most heavily used roads, such as school roads.

My opinion

I agree with how the local goverment is handling this issue. For I believe that it makes most sense that they are fixing roads that people most heavily use rather than spending a large amount of money on roads no one uses often.

My solution

My solution to prevent road repair and money loss is to make weight limits more observant to the people. By making weight limits more observant the local goverment won't have to constantly pay a Fairly large amount of money to get the roads fixed.

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