Sweet as Roses Thank YOu Adobe

Week 1 This assignment was very challenging but interesting. I have never use InDesign before. It took some concentration and patience. I spent much more hours than expected to complete this assignments. In fact, I went into week two's assignment. Nevertheless, I got it completed and feel very proud of myself

I really believe that I can master InDesign and teach it to my students. I am looking forward to fulfilling the second assignment.

Weeks 2-3

I was still playing around with the first assignment. I am thankful for the use of the school’s equipment. After getting focus, I was ok.

Final Reflection

As I previously stated, completing the final assignment was certainly more challenging than the first. However, through the completion of the second I took the initiative to go back and redo the first. I really have learned much from the short time and task given about Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and expounded more understanding about Photoshop. The name, date, layout and font were no problem. Strokes were added to the outline to make it stand out. I was able to apply various techniques and modes. Adjusting the required time for completion will certainly be a factor in teaching the students. Many times I had to replay the video and even search for others that had the step by step process to get a clear understanding. I also needed to a copy of a finished product. Now, I have my example for the students to view. As I begin to teach this lesson, I will go back and dissect each layer with captions and or step by step direction for the students. Completing this activity will also strengthen my knowledge of the skill and ability to use adobe software. Most students will also need to see finish product as well as some type of step by step instructions. In addition to that, students will also need so videos or resources such as tutorials that they can play, pause and or replay continuously until they can master the task. So therefore, I am going to complete the assignment step by step again and then write a lesson to teach my students. I believe that the more I apply what I know the better and more comfortable I will become of it. I now have a personal artifact to embrace what the outcome will be. Students like seeing finish work. I also feel comfortable with what I created and is proud of how continued to work.


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