Edward "Duke" Ellington Sebastian Calloway

Photos of Duke

Edward Kennedy Ellington was born April 29 1899 in Washington DC

His inspiration was Doc Perry

He started piano at the age of 7

Edward earned his nickname "Duke" from his artistocractic demeanor

Sadly on May 24 1974 Duke passed away from phenomena

His last words and only quote was "Music is how I live, why I live and how I will be remembered"

He is most famous for playing at the Cotton Club

He had his own Orchestra called "The Duke Ellington Band"

His parents were James Edward Ellington and Daisy (Kennedy) Ellington

He had on son

He got married to his high school sweetheart


Created with images by ky_olsen - "Duke Ellington, Aquarium, New York, N.Y., ca. Nov. 1946"

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