Ad Astra The Boys who CHALLENGEd hitler

Literary Luminary 4/10/17

When Hitler demanded that Norway surrender, the Norwegian replied, "We will not submit voluntarily: the struggle is already in progress." Pg: 6, I feel bad for the town because Hitler wants the town but Norway don't want to surrender because there struggling.

His name was Knud Pedersen, the protagonist of the story "The boys who challenged Hitler" he lives in a normal neighborhood till one day in Norway, the military refused to fight back and retreat so poor little Knud. He was angry at the world of them not fighting and Nazi's marching so he felt scared,nervous and angry. He was also sad when he asked for a boy scout uniform and his dad yelled at him by saying "are you a nazi!" He is brave when he has a secret hideout away from nazi's planning to bomb armories with his friends and his brothers and risked their lives for their country "A powerful testament to the brave acts of young people who risked their lives for the sake of their country." -The Washington Post

Connection Builder 4/25/17

In my book "The boys who challenged Hitler" The enemy's were the nazis, than day after day the nazis started to kill norway people for no reason so the protagonist Knud Pedersen made a club and started to rebel against the nazis and drawed them out before they ever got arrested.

Discussion Director 4/27/17

  1. WW2 in italy, choco or chocolate was rare due to lack of supplies so a baker renamed it nutella.
  2. During the final months, Japan decide to do a biological weapon against the cities of america San diego and california hoping to spread terror hoping americans will not attack but it failed and forced to surrender.
  3. In world war 2, Canada treated the prisoners of war were they never want to leave.
  4. In world war 2, the germans lost more than 40% aircrafts due to accidents
  5. U.S spent 20,388$ per soldier during ww2
  6. In ww2, Hitler's nephew served with the U.S against germany
  7. 73 million people died in ww1 and 2
  8. A number of aircrew died from farts
  9. Hitler and stalin combined murders by 40 million were nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  10. During pearl harbor, Japan sent submarines with 4 torpedoes and ram into the american ships.

10 facts of Holocaust

  • Hitler's gf or wife was jewish
  • Hitler destroyed some evidence of the holocaust


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