South Africa Darin Statks

South Africa is home to very many natural attractions. It is a safe place to visit and beautiful country to tour. the United States is one of its favorable country's.
In terms of budget South Africa is a relatively affordable place to visit. One South African rand is equal to 8 cents in the us.
The v & a waterfront is one of this country popular attractions. Located in Cape Town, South Africa it has multiple restaurants and great waterfront views
Boulders beach along with many other beaches is a signature destination for tourists when visiting the country. Great place for families and relaxation plus gorgeous scenery.
South Africa also has great weather year around. The average temperature is 82 Degrees. With long summers and short winters the best times to visit is between November- March.
Table bay is another popular city here in this country. Has a great view and over look of the Atlantic Ocean and provides various family friendly cruises for everyone.
The Apartheid museum is a historical site for South Africa. This museum displays the country history and the sturrgles went through to over throw the unjustified government. This pays tribute to much of Nelson Mandelas work too.
South Africa is friendly and a diverse country. With other ten different languages including English , Zulu , Xhosa and many more South Africa has made a culture of love and acceptance
The kristenbosch national garden displays some of Africa's most unique flora. This is one of nine of the continents gardens which was one of the first to be made. This garden place strong importance on indigenous plants.
South Africa is home to great safaris for everyone to see and experience the exotic wildlife of the country. These trips cost from 800-1000 dollars a person. But is one of the most exciting experiences to make on your visit


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