C. Bowman Perspective

This drawing was completely unsuccessful in my opinion. The whole thing throws the idea of space and balance out a window. The texture on the building is far from realistic. Without these components this piece of "art" was just a test run leaving room for improvement.

This cityscape is in one-point perspective and draws the viewer's eye to the setting sun on the horizon. The use of water colored pencils brought more texture to some of the details on the buildings. The use of color filled what have been an empty white space. This attempt was far more successful than the first. The use of shape and form was more realistic, and there was a better use of space. The piece was better balanced than the first attempt. Overall this depiction of a cityscape was a success.

Before starting this assignment knew very little about impressionists, and knew the basic information about pointillism. I learned that not all pointillism is using just dots of color. But instead many painters used small brush strokes. The small brush strokes help the viewer combine color with their eyes, to create the desired color of the painter. Pointillism is defined as using small dots of color to create a larger picture. For my building I used small marks of different colors to create the color I wanted on a background color that was opposite of what I wanted. By using pointillism the artist is pushing their artistic ability and the imagination of the viewers.

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) The Starry Night (1889)

The Starry Night was created by Vincent Van Gogh. His motivation for creating this oil painting was to capture a moment in time that he watched happened from his Saint-Paul asylum window in Southern France. This work creates a beautiful of picture a early morning sky without the sun yet rising. It is a swirl of blues, yellows, reds and dark greens.The hues and values of the painting draw the viewer's eye throughout the painting. The stars and sky create a wave like movement over a low lying French village. The whole piece holds a balanced and rhythmic view. In my opinion the starry night is a painting that you could look at for hours and not get bored. The movement pushes your eye back and forth over the painting leading to another detail. The Starry Night creates a sense of meaning and imagination. The use of real scene pulls the viewer into the work giving them the same view that Van Gogh had in that same moment 128 years go. The way that he painted the picture brings the viewer imagination to the piece. The small strokes used to create the picture forces the viewer to bring more of themselves into the painting. Using their own imagination to combine colors in their own way.

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