Support The LGBT Community From Bullying By: Sumaya Abedin

Every year there is 9/10 students who get bullied and harassed for being in the LGBT community (“STOMP Out Bullying”). The LGBT community does not get enough attention, especially at school. So, staff members should help the kids that are being harassed and bullied. The LGBT community is getting targeted every day for minimal things, but they are human too and have feeling too. The LGBT community should get more support because everyday many members are getting targeted and bystanders do not help out.

Firstly, LGBT teens are often getting bullied or teased in school and communities. On the website Violence Prevention Works it says that “Seventy-eight percent of gay (or believed to be gay) teens are teased or bullied in their schools and communities, a percentage significantly higher than for heterosexual youth” (Riese).

LGBT bullying is not stopping, but people should help to make this to a lower percentage. This is just the beginning of what the LGBT community suffers.

Again, on the website Violence Prevention Works the author Riese says “As many as 93 percent of teenagers hear derogatory words about sexual orientation at least once in awhile, with more than half of teens surveyed hearing such words every day at school and in the community”(Riese).

No one wants to see or hear malicious things. By preventing bullying students can have a less harmful and violent day without crying or being depressed. Bullying is bad enough and the LGBT suffers everyday.

Bullying should just be shaken off because according on the website ESchoolToday it states “Lack of attention from friends, parents or teachers can make a person bully you, just to feel popular and seen as ‘tough’ or ‘cool’ and in charge”(ESchoolToday).

That shows bullying should not be taken seriously because it is only for attention. That being said, sexual harassment has not stopped in the LGBT. Bystanders just watch and walk away, when they should at least tell the harasser to stop. By people not helping many members (⅔ - “STOMP Out Bullying” ) have been harassed and have said nothing because they are scared.

Despite these disagreements, the LGBT community needs at most one person to stand up for them when bullying occurs. The LGBT community needs to have more support because all the time, everyday, bystanders do not say/do anything so bullies take that as an advantage to bully more. If we start helping this community of people, it could stop this type of bullying. One by one, step by step, we can bring the bullying percentage lower and have happier people.

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