Bromine By: Michael Johnson

The element symbol of "Bromine" is "Br". The element's name is of course "Bromine". The atomic number of this element is thirty-five.
Bromine has 35 protons, 35 electrons, and 40 neutrons. The atomic mass of this element is 79.904. Bromine is a liquid, and is a non-metal.
Antoine-J. Balard is the scientist who discovered Bromine, he did so in the year of 1826. Bromine is found in flame proofing agents, dyes, medicines, pesticides, and water purification.
Physical properties of this element include density, which is 4050 kg/m. Also the color is red. Chemical properties of Bromine include melting point (265.8 k), boiling point (332 k), and oxidation (-1). An unusual fact is that Bromine is the only non-metallic element that is a liquid.


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