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From the Principal

Welcome to our second newsletter of 2019. Each month our newsletter provides a compilation of some of the many successes and achievements of our students both academically and in various other sporting, cultural and community activities. Once again, there is much to celebrate.

In my short time here, I have been examining all aspects of the school operations and identifying areas for improvement. Every large organisation has processes that can be refined and we are no different to anywhere else in this regard. Attention is being drawn to those things we are doing well and to those where we can do better. Above all, my focus will continue to be on maintaining the conditions that enable every student to gain maximum benefit from their time here. Our next Strategic Plan is in development and will set the direction for the College for the next 3 years. The plan will identify those areas deemed critical to enabling our students to be as successful in their learning as possible. The next Atwell College Plan will be released in 2020.

There is much discussion in sections of our community about the changes to the Local Area Intake boundary with the opening of the new high school in Hammond Park. I have been called to a meeting on Monday 8th April 2019 where all those affected will be given the final boundary information. Once we know and have been given authority to release the information, we will be able to produce final documentation for enrolment into Year 7 for 2020.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our families a safe and happy school vacation period.

Peter Rudrum, Principal

Important Upcoming Dates
Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success

Atwell College is proud to announce that we have partnered with Fremantle College as an outreach school for the 'Follow the Dream' Program.

We are currently in the process of identifying and interviewing students into this prestigious program with the aim to promote positive Educational and Vocational pathways for our high achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

'The Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success' Program provides after-school tuition and mentoring support to aspirant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students in WA public schools to assist them to achieve positive academic outcomes and meaningful post-school destinations such as university, further training or employment.

Brendon Bleakley, Associate Principal

Getting kids to school ON TIME makes a DIFFERENCE!

Missing a few minutes each day may not seem like a big deal but your child may be missing more than you realise if he or she is continually late.

No Mobile Phone Use During Class Time

Students are reminded that the use of mobile phone during class is prohibited. As such, we seek the understanding and cooperation of parents and carers not to contact their children during class time.

See the College Day Structure on the class times.

No Student Drop Off or Pick Up

Parents and carers are kindly reminded that no drop off or pick up of students are allowed in the staff carpark near the College Main Administration building, with the exception of parents with the ACROD Parking Permit.

There have been incidents in the past where the safety of students and staff have been compromised.

Your kind cooperation will be most appreciated to ensure the safety of everyone. Thank you very much!

Absentee and Early Pickup

Parents/ Carers can email the school at Atwell.Col.Absentees@education.wa.edu.au or call (08) 6174 2233 (voicemail recording system) regarding your child's absence or early pickup from school. Please remember to include your child’s name, year level, date/s of absence, reason for absence and a contact telephone no. in your email. Voicemail messages recorded will be retrieved promptly by our Student Services Officer.

Kindly ensure that your child is informed in advance where possible if he/she has to be picked up earlier for an appointment as we often do not have staff available to notify students personally in classrooms.

Students will need to sign out electronically at Student Services before meeting parents/ carers at the Main Admininstration front office.

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation.

Student Services

Our Students Make Us Proud

Monique Robinson & Ellah Barangan

Atwell College congratulates our Year 10 students Monique Robinson and Ellah Baranga on their selection into the Western Australian Advanced and Junior Novice Synchronized Ice Skating Teams respectively for 2019.

Monique and Ellah will be training in a camp alongside with World coach, Marilyn Langlios of Les Supremes in Canada, to prepare for the 2019 National Championships.

The opportunity to represent WA is a great honour. We are so proud of Monique and Ellah and we wish them all the best!

Monique Robinison and Ellah Baranga with their winning medals
Our Sporting Achievements

Rugby League Specialist Program

This term. our girls from the years 7 - 10 Rugby League teams represented our College at the NRLWA Girls Rugby League Carnival. Every participant represented the College with pride and showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the day.

Our Year 7 team experienced Tackle Rugby League for the first time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Our Year 8/9/10 team displayed some fantastic skills and improved throughout the day. We look forward to more opportunities for the girls to participate in Rugby League throughout the year.

Our College Girls at the NRLWA Girls Rugby League Carnival

Edward Proudler, RLSP Teacher

Art Around the School

Year 11 Certificate II in Visual Arts (CUA20715)

Year 11 students are working on large ceramic pots after exploring the earthenware of ancient African, Japanese, Egyptian and Greek cultures. They designed their own forms and are hand building these pots using the coil technique. I’m sure they will look amazing when they are finished and have been fired in the kiln.

Year 9 Pot Plant Drawings

The Year 9 Visual Arts students have been working on developing their observational drawing skills with pencil pot-plant drawings. They then developed their image into a positive and negative shape drawing of their plants, using black marker pen on paper. The quality of the students' work has been very impressive and we are looking forward to see the students develop their skills further. The class will also be exploring the work of Albany artist Sue Codee this term and developing some lino prints which are inspired by song lyrics. These are currently on display in the Main Administration building and in the foyer of E Block.

Year 9 “Word Wall” Desk Covers 2018

Last year, our very talented Year 9 students designed and painted new desk covers for the Art Room. This project is part of Atwell College’s literacy focus and key “Word Wall” strategy. Students were asked to work in groups and to research key words relating to the elements and principles of Visual Art and then depict them onto a sheet of marine ply.

Year 11 Work Placement student Daniel Lloyd has been busily installing them onto the art room tables over the past few weeks. They are a wonderful bright addition to our classroom and have been greatly admired by staff and students alike!

Year 7 Shoe Drawings

Our Year 7 Visual Arts students have been studying the elements of art through a range of drawing, painting and clay projects. With a focus on the quality of line they are using, students drew their own shoe for their first drawing of the year! I’m sure everyone would agree that we have some very talented students at Atwell College!

Year 7 Insect and Spider Collages

The year 7s' second task in Visual Arts this year involved watercolour paint, insects and a focus on shape. Students created the coloured papers for the collaged insect and spider drawings using a variety of watercolour techniques and then drew details and patterns onto the shapes using marker pen. These colourful artwork will be on display in E Block soon!

Toni Singleton, Visual Arts Teacher

Library Update

Battle of the Books, Round One – Term 1 2019

Calling all radical readers! Our College Library and Resource Centre is having a competition for Term One where the student who loans out the most number of books in the term stands to win a choice of either a $30 HOYTS Movie Gift Card or a $30 book voucher. There are two categories to compete in, namely the Year 7 and Years 8-12. Winners will be posted on our library blog and College newsletter. We look forward to see who's going to be our Reading Champions for Term One. Happy Reading!!!

Yoga Club with Miss Reddall

Did you know that the Library runs yoga sessions? Join our dance teacher Ms Reddall, at an invigorating and relaxing session of yoga in the Viewing Room every Wednesday at lunchtime. Limited to 10 students only and yoga mats will be provided.

Some of the benefits of yoga

  • Improves your flexibility
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Perfects your posture
  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
  • Protects your spine
  • Increases your blood flow
  • Drops your blood pressure
  • Makes your happier
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Relaxes your system
  • Boosts your immune system functionality
  • Helps you sleep more soundly
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Increases your seld esteem
  • Eases your pain
  • Gives you inner strength

The library also has books on yoga, health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, depression and anxiety in the non-fiction section so read on for good health!

Harmony Week

The Library and Resource centre celebrated Harmony Week this week with a fantastic display and a great selection of books on different races, diversity and cultures to promote the great benefits of multicultural diversity and ethnicity. Check it out.


Year 7 smartriders cards have now been distributed to the students. Please come and see the library staff on duty if you have not received the card or are new to the College.

Hats and mobile phones in the Library

A reminder to all students that hats and mobile phones have to be removed during classes in the library. Please place them in the locked boxes on the library desk and retrieve only at the end of the lesson. Thank you for your cooperation.

Library Blog

Extensive information about the library, collections and services are available on our library blog. Happy Reading!

Mrs Nicole McDonagh and Mrs Maree de Haas, Library Officers

ACZE Update

The Adventures of English

Our friendly group are thoroughly enjoying learning about the English language. There have been several ‘AHA!’ moments and much lively discussion over words and their origin. Family history, meanings of names and stories about naming have been met with surprise, wonder and awe. We love language.

Genius Hour

Our fantastic year 5s and 6s are really enjoying their time learning a wide range of problem-solving skills, be it hands on, High Order Thinking or group work. Through group activities, the students have shown fantastic communication and leadership skills. There have been plenty of adventures discovering how fun problem solving really is.


Welcome to ACZE Minecraft class 2019. The focus of this course is to have students understand, demonstrate and explain the process of science inquiry via project-based learning. Students come together each week to create a meaningful and practical product that relates to the real world. Some examples of our activities include Maze Challenge, Roller Coaster Drop and Coding Agent. We look forward to our next challenge.

All students are engaged, enthusiastic and very motivated. The respective Primary Schools should be very proud of the way their students have represented them.

ACZE programs are open to year 5s and 6s. More information will be sent out at the end of every term for courses in the following term. Please contact our ACZE Coordinator Ingrid Vidot-Emery on Ingrid.vidot@education.wa.edu.au for more information about the program.

Ingrid Vidot-Emery, ACZE Coordinator

STEM Update

STEM Parent Night Display

A big thank you to Gail Manton and Lisa West from the School Pathways Program for their assistance with the STEM Parent Night display and for the ongoing funding and support that School Pathways provide to the College for STEM activities. Thank you also to our Lab Technician Damien Mortimer for giving up his time to help set up the great display and answer enquiries from parents and students on the night. We had a lot of interest from both the parents and students and were able to highlight some of the fantastic STEM programs we have at the College including:

  • Subs in Schools
  • First Lego League (FLL)
  • First Technical Challenge (FTC)

It was also a good opportunity to showcase some of the fantastic work that have produced in our Technologies department.

Carvey Machine

Atwell College has been provided with a Carvey 3D carving machine thanks to the generous donation from Schools Pathway Program. Students will be able to create designs using relevant software and use the Carvey to carve these designs onto a variety of materials including acrylic, plastics, foam, wood, metal and circuit boards.

We look forward to seeing the works that students will produce.

FIRST Lego League (FLL)

FIRST Lego League is currently running a Robotics Club for both primary and secondary students.

We are receiving a fantastic turn out with over 40 students from the Atwell College Zone Primary Schools attending the club every Wednesday and 25 Years 7-9 students attending every Tuesday after school.

Any student who has an interest in coding or robotics and is interested in joining the club can speak to Mr Hilton or Mr Burrows or head down to STEM 1 in B Block after school on Tuesdays. All students are welcomed to join in Term 1 & 2 and students will be selected at the end of Term 2 to participate in the FIRST Lego League Competition.

Minecraft Club

The Minecraft Club is being run in B10 every day by Science teachers Mr Schiefler and Mrs Yu during lunchtime for interested students. Numbers are growing with attendance currently at around 30 students per day.

CAD & Electronics

Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) and Electronics courses are running at Atwell College for Years 9 and 10 students as part of our focus on STEM learning. In all classes, students are using industry standard software to develop job ready skills that will be transferrable to industry.

Students in CAD are using AutoDesk Inventor to draw mechanical plans and 3D representations of products. In Electronics, students are using both AutoDesk Inventor and Computer Aided Machining (CAM) Technologies to produce projects made from plastics and composite materials. Students have been producing work of a very high standard and it is very encouraging to see the level of enthusiasm and engagement shown by students.

Girls in STEM

The 'Atwell College Girls in STEM' Program is held every Thursday afternoon after school by teacher Jo-Anne Mathiesen. Students are being taught the use of a variety of technologies including the laser cutter, a carvey CNC milling machine and wood shop machinery with hand tools to produce projects of their choice, choosing items such as decorative personalised lighting, wooden games, jewellery, signage, collapsible cake trays, light boxes, lolly tumblers, etc., with the only limitation being the students' creativity. It is fantastic to see the keen enthusiasm from students as they develop job ready skills for the STEM workforce.

Erin Nicol, STEM Coordinator and Mathematics Teacher

Education Support Easter Stall

ES9 student enterprise will be hosting an Easter stall in B Block (wet area) during lunch time on Thursday & Friday, Week 9 and Monday & Tuesday, Week 10 for all staff and students at Atwell College. We look forward to everyone's presence and support.

Some of the items that will be on sale at the Easter stall

Vanessa Patrick, Ed Support (ES9) Teacher

Learning Area Update - English

Atwell College Debating Club

On Wednesday night, our intrepid junior debaters from the Atwell College Debating Club came close to winning their first debate, losing only by one tiny point to Applecross 2.

The debate topic was “This house would make all high school students task a compulsory gap year before starting university" with our College club taking the negative proposition. Our girls spoke clearly, logically and persuasively, which was a no mean feat considering it's their first attempt in the Junior division which is loaded with many other experienced teams. It was indeed a great start to the debating season and Well Done girls!

The debates are held at All Saints College once every 2 to 3 weeks with trainings every Friday, Period 0 in classroom A11. Junior debates start at 7.20pm sharp so please feel welcome to come and support our Atwell girls.

Our next debate will be on Wednesday 3rd April on the topic "This house would introduce a universal currency.’' Let the battle begin!

From Left: Emma Flindell, Neve Pursey, Francisca Zuniga Zamboa, Amelie Oatey, Rebecca Pearsall and Zoe Andrews.

Lara Duffy, English HOLA

Year 8 English Sustainability Projects

Our Year 8 students from class 8.4 & 8.5 presented to the class with an accompanying speech on their recently completed sustainability projects. Students had to create a piece that could evoke a particular response from the audience (i.e. to recycle more, stop polluting the oceans etc.)

Samantha Ralston, English & HASS Teacher

Learning Area Update - Languages

Visit from Japanese students

20 Japanese high school students spent one week from Monday 25th March to Friday 30th March at the College and stayed with host families. A huge thank you to the host families for hosting and taking good care of these students. Thank you also to the teachers from Learning Areas - Technologies, Home Economics, Arts and Languages - who gave up their time to have our Japanese students during their class time.

Our Technologies teachers Jo-Anne Mathiesen, Wayne Spencer and Mark Robinson worked together with these visiting students in an activity using the laser machine to put together a lightbox.

We look forward to hosting more students from Japan and China at the beginning of Term 3.

Kurt Regan, TIC Languages

Learning Area Update - Technologies

Home Economics

It’s been a busy start to the year in Home Economics with students actively involved in a variety of activities.

The Year 11 & 12 Certificate II Hospitality classes completed their first catering session last week by planning, preparing and serving a two-course dinner to 120 staff during staff break times at the Parent Teacher Night. This was an invaluable experience for the students who were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a professional manner. The students are to be congratulated on their exceptional commitment to the preparation and excellent presentation of the food.

Year 7 Food students recently completed their first assessment task where they worked in groups to design and produce a healthy breakfast. They performed extremely well in the kitchens and loved cooking and learning about healthy foods options to start their day.

Lana Tonkin, Helen Galas, Narelle Millar, Victoria Lee, Jaye Bredice & Rachel Lee, Home Economics Teachers

International Women's Day 2019

Around the College, many activities were carried out on Friday 8th March 2019 to celebrate International Womens' Day that falls on the same day every year.

The Year 11 Certificate II in Community Services students planned and catered for a lunch event, creating a lovely occasion for the Atwell College female staff whom the students invited to attend. The girls should feel proud of their efforts and huge thanks must go to the Home Economics staff who assisted to make this day such a success.

The 'Children, Family & Community and Certificate II in Community Services' students were involved in a brunch to commemorate the special day. Students proudly wore their purple ribbons in recognition and also distributed a ribbon to all female staff members at the College.. 'Woman and the Glass Ceiling', Advocacy, Inequity/ Inequality were topics that were discussed with the students and relating directly to the course curriculum.

This year, some of our staff attended a PD in the morning where they heard from numerous speakers regarding gender equality (and lack of) in the Engineering Industry and learn about what the future holds for women in this sector.

Staff were also extremely fortunate to hear from guest speaker Turia Pitt and be humbled by her inspirational story regarding the obstacles she has had to overcome through such adversity.

Narelle Millar, Home Economics Teacher

Year 12 Excursion to Curtin University

Our Year 12 ATAR Economics, Accounting & Finance students went for an excursion to Curtin University, hosted by the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Property on Tuesday 26th March 2019. Our students participated in a range of practical activities including gaining experience in a trading room and learning about the application of Immersive Visualisation. It was indeed an informative and fun day enjoyed by all who attended.

Gemma Garbutt, HASS Teacher

Atwell College P&C

Help us raise funds with the Entertainment Book 2019/2020

The early bird catches the worm. Enjoy over $600 worth of early bird offers with every pre-order DIGITAL membership! Help us support the College P&C and order here today.

Atwell College P&C

News from the School Nurse

As we are nearing the end of term 1, we would like to update you on some of the services available in the community to help support your adolescent through this challenging period in their lives. Many of the issues we see your child for are related to mental health support so please use the following resources to help your child cope with everything they may be experiencing.

As always, please contact us through Student Services at the College if you wish to discuss any concerns you may be having with your child. Remember, no matter how big or small your problem is, there is help available and it is important to seek help as soon as possible.

Adolescent support services - Where to go for help?

Kids Helpline is a free, private and confidential telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25 years. You can phone the helpline anytime on 1800 55 1800, or visit the website.

ReachOut.com is an online mental health organisation for young people, providing practical support with a range of youth issues not just limited to mental health but also sexual health, relationships, abuse, cyber-bullying, body image, drug use and more. This website is suitable for students, parents and health professionals and provides links to emergency counselling, resources and useful tips.

Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds, along with assistance in promoting young peoples’ wellbeing. This covers four core areas, namely mental health, physical health, work and study support and alcohol and other drug services.

YouthBeyondBlue aims to equip young people with the knowledge and skills to maintain their own good mental health and wellbeing and to help recognise symptoms in people close to them. An online chat service and 24 hour telephone support line is available to assist young people to find the help they need. Go to YouthBeyondBlue or call 1300 22 4636.

YouthLink is a Perth based service that assists young people, aged 13-24 years of age, who experience difficulties with their emotional or social well-being. It is a free and confidential counselling service, with experienced support workers who are friendly, non-judgemental and understanding. Free interpreting can be arranged to assist with communication if required. YouthLink is located at 223 James St, Northbridge or you can phone 1300 362 569 or visit YouthLink.

Karen Penny (Mon) and Pauline Arnold (Tues-Fri), School Nurses

Uniform Shop
Community News

City of Cockburn 'Get Creative on the Court'

City of Cockburn Youth Centre April Holiday Program 2019

The Youth Centre is open to young people aged 10–24 years (the month they turn 10 but not earlier). Programs during school term and holidays are for 10–17 year olds.

City of Cockburn Outrage April Holiday Program 2019

Youth Outrage is an affordable and supervised school holiday program for young people aged 12–16 years.

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