Carol Goff Realty Branding Videos & Social Media Campaign/ Credit Strategy

Branding Film 1: The Carol Goff story. Create a 2-3 minute piece telling Carol's story, her philosophy, and her belief's in Real Estate/People.

Growing up in rural surroundings.

Passion and Love for animals for a young age.

This is where her business philosophy was rooted. That she will always make time for you...

Her appreciation of family...

And friends...and clients.

in _____ year Carol made the choice to start a real estate company.

with 14 locations throughout Ohio & West Virginia, Carol has built a Realty empire.

Branding Video: Realtor Recruitement

Tell the Carol difference, and why working with Goff is special. Testimonials from current staff, and VO driving the positive attributes of working at Goff.

Branding Video 3: Buyer & Seller

Buying a House or Selling a House, "We Have time for you."

Social Media

When it comes down to it, working in real estate requires more than the ability to find and show off houses. It requires that the agent builds an image of credibility and a relationship of trust between herself and the client. In order to do these things, the real estate agent needs to (a) have a strong network of contacts and referrals and (b) have an engaging personality that makes the client implicitly trust and want to work with her. In the past, real estate agents had to build their credibility and relationships solely in person, over the phone, through the mail. Now, however, social media has tremendously affected the ways in which agents may interact with and market to their target client base.
Social media is important to real estate agents not just because it’s another platform to market homes. Rather, the bulk of social media’s usefulness comes from its ability to connect with new audiences while creating a brand—for neighborhoods and for the real estate agents themselves—helping to engage potential clients and build a trustworthy image of the realtor.

Realtor Individual listings & Photos


The seller is pleased with the level of professionalism in marketing and how the property is presented. Great photos and great marketing lead to more and better listings. When competing for a listing, the promise of professional photography and marketing materials can help win a listing. Pro photos lead to more showings. More showings translate to a faster sale at a higher price.

Credit Workshops & Seminars

Credit Plan For Carol Goff Redesign credit kit to offer for "free online" with registration to attend one of our credit building workshops Impact: People who want to buy home that have been denied or not sure what to do Customized workshop for Credit Building and Education Workshops - people who have no credit, bad credit, previous bankruptcy, divorce, etc If you are looking to raise your credit scores 20,40,100+ points than this is for you! "We work with everyone regardless of credit issues" "Have you been turned down by other realtors because you can't get a pre-approval? We can help!" Add registration on website *Reach out to area mortgage lenders/brokers and banks to send their denials to us. This should be done prior to advertising to build testimonials and even recruit realtors who find value in the program. Create Facebook adds for workshop registration Create pipeline reports Social media statistics Develop optimal quality of leads Sample testimonial: "We found the home we wanted, we got denied for financing and the bank could not even tell us what we needed to do in order to get approved. After attending Carol Goff and Assoc. Realty Credit Workshop I was given a clear understanding of what I needed to do in order to get approved. 60 days later we closed on our new home! Thank you Carol Goff Realty!" % of commission for deals that I am asked to personally handle Monthly retainer with upfront for exclusivity that will be used for real estate school, testing and program development

The practice of analytics is all about supporting decision making by providing the relevant facts that will allow you to make a better decision. Analytics is important for your business to the extent that making good decisions is.

Every Month Receive an Analytics Report showing social media traction and specifically targeted consumers and sellers. This data will inform you how receptive consumers are to the approach and to your realtors.


“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” — MARK TWAIN

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