Final Presentation Under Armour Michael Personius

Under Armour: Summary

3.13 Times Current Ratio

1.5 Times Quick Ratio

Consistent Revenue Growth over last few years ~25%

Not all Perfect...

Missed 2016 Earnings Report:

Revenue expected to slow dramatically over next few years to 24% in 2017 and 11% in 2018 & 2019

CFO Resigned after one year

Massive stock drop, >25%, has yet to recover

Other Consderations

UA is taking on Debt to fund Fitness App purchases and Chinese Expansion

UA's is not as efficient with revenue when compared to Nike, due to economics of scale

Under Armour's Future

Large investments into China: Physical Stores started in 2010

Revenue has grown exponentially: 7 Million in 2013 to 80 Million in 2015

China's government is investing in its own sports industry like football/soccer

UA's sponsorships like Stephan Curry are extremely popular in China

Final Thoughts

Under Armour is currently experiencing bumps in the road

Under Armour is still a strong company and is not going anywhere

Remember Under Armour is still growing fast, just not as fast


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