Apply a Rubric in Google Classroom Use Gooberic and Doctopus to CONQUER feedback and Grading

The first step in adding a rubric to your assignments in Google Docs is to add the Goobric extension to your Chome Web Browser. To do this you will want to visit the Chrome Web Store and search for Goobric. Add this extension to Chrome.


After you have added the Goobric Extension to your Chrome web browser, you will want to create a sheet in Google Drive.

I always name the sheet the name of the assignment in Google Classroom. This makes it easier to find the spreadsheet when needed.

Next you will want to add the Doctopus add-on under Add-ons within your assignment spreadsheet.

To add Doctopus click on 'Get add-ons'. Doctopus should appear within your Add-ons window. Choose Doctopus and click 'Launch'.

If you are using Google Classroom, choose Google Classroom option under the select mode drop-down menu.

Pick a class to ingest an assignment from and then choose an assignment. If you only want to ingest files that are turned in, click the radio box indicated. Finally click the ingest assignment button.

Choose Add Goobric from the Doctopus Assignment Tools. The Attach Goobric window will appear. Choose a template and add your rubric information.

Pick the area of the rubric you would like to assess and choose the point value.

On the right side of the screen you will see the option to leave a comment. You can do this using text or recording an audio track to share with students. Once you have added your comments click submit.

The rubric has now been added to the assignment for students to view.

To easily grade assignments, I split my Chrome screen using an extension called Tab Scissors, this allows me to see the Google Sheet with all of the student grades on one side of my screen and Google Classroom on the other side of the screen, I can then enter in all the grades.

The video below walks you through this process. Enjoy!

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