We are Yousra, Itziar, Elia, Ainhoa and Paula.

This year we have worked on the Global Scholars project about water.

We have learned a lot about global warming, plastic pollution, water footprint, how to save water, etc. We have learned it in the English class, but sometimes we have also learned about it in other subjects: French, Spanish, Physics and Chemistry, Catalan...


At the end of the project we had to do a Community Action project so that others can also learn.

We went to a primary school (Ciutat Cooperativa school) and we presented our project about plastic waste and our memory game about plastic waste.

We did a presentation in which we explained about the dangers of plastic waste for seas and oceans. And different types for recycling; for example, using a reusable sandwich wrap to avoid foil and plastic.

In the memory game we used different images with a message.


April, 24: Ainhoa,Yousra and Paula got inspired by other classmates' CAPs in previous years. They were posted on the World of Water blog. Itziar and Elia brainstormed ideas for our CAP.
April,04 Ainhoa had to do the cover page. Elia and Itziar continued with the dossier. Paula and Yousra read and replied to a post about the CAP goal. Elia, Itziar and Ainhoa finished getting inspired by last year's CAPs on the blog.
May, 05 Elia and Itziar finished getting inspired and they made a plan. Paula took photos. Yousra, Paula and Ainhoa made a task list.
May, 05 Yousra did the Community Action Project map. Paula sent the e-mail to a headteacher of the primary school we visited. Ainhoa searched for photos for the presentation. Ainhoa and Yousra started the presentation.
May, 05 Yousra and Itziar did the presentation. Paula, Ainhoa and Elia entered the e-classroom for a Project Update post.
May, 05 Elia, Paula and Ainhoa did the memory game. Itziar and Yousra worked on the presentation.
May, 05 Elia,Paula and Ainhoa do memory game. Itziar and Yousra do the presentation. Elia, Paula and Ainhoa to the project goal discussion.
May, 05 Ainhoa, Elia and Paula do the menory game. Itziar and Yousra do finish the presentation.


This is our video of our presentation. We did this presentation in the Ciutat Cooperativa.


We learned about water and pollution and the effects when we do not recycle.

We learned to work with children and be patient with them.

We are satisfed by our presentation and work and hope that the children have learned with our presentation.

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