Carl Alexander Expanded Met Methods: Four Positions for a Better Swing by Spring

Carl Alexander is the Director of Golf at the Golf Club of Purchase & Metropolitan PGA President. He shared some tips to work on this spring before you hit the course.

Four important positions to work on to help your game:


1. The Setup

“Really understanding what your perfect SETUP is.”

Step 1

Getting the club right at your eyes, take your grip with good posture...

"I want people taking their grip here, before getting over the ball, because the club is at my eyes, my shoulders are wide and my posture is good."

"Most golfers put the club down, look down at their hands, curl their neck, roll their back, and then look at the ball, and now they have bad posture. Try taking your grip this way and you'll notice a difference."

Step 2

Make sure your grip is square, shoulders wide and back straight

"Don’t set the club on the ground and look down at your grip because then you will have bad posture and are likely to fidget with your grip. Have it set when you place to club behind the ball and don’t change it."

Step 3

Ball Position, start with the ball in the same spot every time...

"Grab some alignment sticks. Have one stick pointed at the ball, showing ball position so that it doesn’t change, while the other stick shows where you are aiming."

2. The Top of The Swing

“Where am I? How's my balance, am I in a good position?”

Reality is, it’s all about balance. I need people to be in balance in two places...

1 - top of the swing, you can’t be out of balance or you’re really compensating from there.

2 - you should be able to hold this position for 1 second and feel in balance..

"Using a mirror helps you visualize where you should be at the top."

3. Impact

“Understand where you’re trying to get to at IMPACT.”

“A lot of players look different in their golf swing but at impact they’re all generally in the same place, and that’s how they hit it so good…”

1 - hands leading the clubface.

2 - weight on left side and your head and eyes still.

4. The Finish

“At the finish, nobody’s hanging back... and the reality is if you could just get yourself to rotate all the way through and around, generally you did good things to get there.”

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