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Employing people with a disability is good business

A person with a disability often has the capability and loyalty required but is overlooked. A number of Canberra Business Chamber members across different sectors already benefit from employing people with a disability in a wide variety of roles.

Communication and support; the keys to embracing inclusion in the workplace

Design, branding, website, communications & social media by Monica Shanahan, Canberra Business Chamber in collaboration with Project Manger Cam Sullings.

How employing people with disability is good business

Image Credit – Canberra Business Chamber (Cam Sullings: CBC Business Development Manager, Anthony Williams: Nexus Human Services, Jim Roy: Director of Michael Page Recruiting, Hugh MacWilliam: Team Administrator from Michael Page Recruiting)
Employing people with disability ensures that your team best reflects the community in which it operates. Like all employees, people with disability bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace. They work in all sorts of jobs, with many holding tertiary or trade qualifications.
Peer to Peer Information Session advert designed by Monica Shanahan, Canberra Business Chamber in collaboration with Project Manger Cam Sullings.
Information infographic flyer for ‘Employment in Inclusion Project’ designed by Monica Shanahan.

Peer to Peer Information session held at L'Arche Genesaret, Wednesday 12 June 2019

It was a full crowd at the ‘Peer to Peer’ in Philip, it was an opportunity not to be missed! The Inclusion in Employment Project supports business to business engagement, by bringing together business leaders with experience in employing people with disability and businesses seeking new employees who may not have considered people with disability.

Social media posts by Monica Shanahan, Communication Graphic Design & Marketing - Canberra Business Chamber
Monica Shanahan designed the corporate identity, branding, website, social media, & communication design for the Inclusion in Employment Project.
Finding and retaining the right staff is essential for every successful business.

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