The kidnapping of the Minions!!!!

Once upon a time, there was this guy name Jeff and he owed money to a very powerful man. The powerful man name is Kenny, and Kenny had been calling Jeff to see if he was gonna pay him or not, but Jeff had been ignoring his calls. So Kenny decided to take matters in his own hands, and followed his wife Judith and his son Richard to the supermarket.

So, Judith and her son Richard are at the Supermarket shopping, and something grabs Richards attention. Richard gets curious and keeps on looking and he starts to walk over there. While his mom is looking for food to cook for dinner tonight.

Richard leaves his mom and meets this guy with a banana. The guy's name is Fernando, and Richard is fascinated with Fernando. Richard's favorite food is banana's ,so he looks at Fernando to make sure the banana is safe to eat. He starts to walk to Fernando, his mom comes.

Judith continues on grocery shopping. She tells Richard if he wants bananas, but she notices Richard is GONE!!!!! Then she sees him with some stranger. She starts RUNNING towards him.

Judith gets to him ,and says "Richard you can not just run off like that what were you thinking". Fernando starts to get closer, and Judith says " Do not come any closer to my son, and lets go Richard".

Kenny had told Fernando to leave. Fernando was part of a scheme to lour Jeff son Richard , but did not work so Kenny will do it himself. So Kenny started to follow them, and Judith senses someone is following them. She stops and turns around its.....

Its Kenny. She says "Who are you? ". He tells her " I am your worst nightmare" ,and knocks her out.

Kenny is holding Judith while taking her to his secret lair.

Fernando had knocked out Richard and took him to Kenny's secret lair.

Kenny's minions bring Jeff, but Jeff does not realize they have his wife, and kid. Kenny tells Jeff "Wheres my Money?" Jeff ignores him ,and they take him to the back.

Kenny says "SUPPRISE!!!" Jeff screams ,and try's to run to them , but there was a gun shot.

It was the cops. The cops had saved the day and Jeff, Fernando ,and his minions went to jail.

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