Dynamite Kamden h, Dakota h, aleesia m

Alferd Noble was the inventor of dynamite years ago and he actually discovered it by accident resulting in his untimely death when it went off straight in his face.

The invention was 1st used on Oct 9, 1866 They were testing the strength of the explosive by trying to blast out huge chunks of rocks.

The invention of dynamite happened in two different places. England and Sweden were both the places of the founding of dynamite. The inventor was from England and started his study there and traveled later to Sweden to continue his studies resulting in DYNAMITE!

An explosive that is made of nitroglycerin absorbs in a porous material and that often contains ammonium nitrate or cellulose nitrate.

The significant impact of dynamite varies from one job to the next. People used it mainly to blow wholes in the mountains making it easier for train tracks to get from point a to point b. This kept them from winding the tracks all the way up the steep side of the mountain.

There are many forms of explosives today. Anything from none lethal to explosives that can take down entire buildings in one fair blast. We have explosives that need algebra, Geometry, and more just so they can implode a specific spot and perfectly collapse the building in on themselves. There are explosives that we can send flying through the air and slamming into its target, or explosives we can let sit and be triggered by a push of a button, a pressure plate, or even a trip wire. There are explosives that can g through a wall and explode on the other side of the wall. Day after day we find more about explosives.


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