Leonhard Euler The multimathematical man

His Life

He was born on April 15, 1707 in Basel, Switzerland. He was raised in a Protestant family and attended the University of Basel, earning his Masters in Philosophy in 1723. In 1727, he moved to St, Petersburg, Russia to serve in the Navy. He worked in the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences as a professor. Throughout his math career, Euler's eyes began to deteriorate. During his stay in Germany (Prussia), Fredrick the Great called him cyclops, as one of his eyes was completely blind. Euler died in St. Petersburg after suffering a stroke and was buried next to his wife.

His Acheivements

He introduced many mathmatical terms, such as the modern notation of trigonometric functions, the natural base of e, Σ (sigma), π (pi), and i (imaginary number).

He wrote many books, but most notably he wrote The Foundations of Differential Calculus.


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