Natural History Museum Sydney wallace

On a sunny Friday afternoon I was forced to take time out of my day to visit a nature museum for my grade in my good life class. Wonderful stuff really. Even though I see nature everyday I have to go to a specific place during their open hours of convenience to get it done. Anyways this is some insight into my wondrous afternoon. If you look closely you can see that I do not even have the strength to muster a full smile.

Nature on Display: Despite my unwillingness to participate in the interactive activities in the butterfly rain forest, it was truly a beautiful place. I actually had to be careful walking because I was afraid of blocking the path of the butterflies. Not only were the butterflies pretty and airy, the nature where they lived was also very eye catching. I was almost tempted to actually go and take a seat to partially enjoy my time there. Alas, I still did not want to be there so I only spent about five minutes in there trying to maneuver around young children to reach the exit.

Nature and Ethics: Despite my unwillingness to be there, this display actually made me stop and stare. I grew up on an island where sea turtle season was a big deal and anybody living on the coast had to keep their lights off at night. I really admire the struggle the sea turtles go through being on their own from the beginning. It reminded of how important they are and we have some responsibility towards them. A lot of exhibits were like this one, but this one spoke to me the most.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This picture actually is not even an exhibit but it was one of my favorites none the less. It is the entrance right when you walk in and it makes you feel like you're walking into a different place then you were when you were standing in the lobby. I loved the butterflies and the ceiling and the dim lighting with the deep color tones. For a second it made me forget how much I did not want to be there.


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