Justice Brown-Duso, Recruitment Specialist

Justice Brown-Duso is a proud 2019 graduate of Howard University. He has been working in the Center for Career and Professional Success for 1.5 years as the Recruitment Specialist. His role is to foster and maintain relationships between employers and students that are mutually beneficial. He monitors recruitment via Handshake, approving event requests, approving job posts, and approving employers. Additionally, he addresses all Handshake related tech issues and trains students and faculty on how to use the Handshake app. Throughout his career he has received recognition from students and faculty for his customer services skills and quick response times. Furthermore, he assisted Carol Dudley in successfully completing the largest virtual career fair in the country via Handshake in Fall of 2020.

Mr. Brown-Duso is certified in Social Media Management and Analytics from Hootsuite Academy. Additionally, he has a Superstrong Assessment certification from Vita Navis, and a Handshake Pilot Training certification from Howard University. He is a skilled writer, an enthusiastic public speaker, and has entry level graphic design skills. Brown-Duso is always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and expand his personal professional network.

Justice Brown-Duso, Recruitment Specialist, justice.brownduso@howard.edu.

careerservices@howard.edu | howard.joinhandshake.com | careerservices.howard.edu

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