Johnny Cash "Delia's GOne"

Delia, oh, Delia

Delia all my life

If I hadn't shot poor Delia

I'd have had her for my wife

Delia's gone, one more round

Delia's gone

Explanation: Johnny is saying he shot his soon to be wife, Delia. The girl he had with him through his life.

I went up to Memphis

And I met Delia there

Found her in her parlor

And I tied her to her chair

Delia's gone, one more round

Delia's gone

Explanation: Johnny found Delia in a parlor in Memphis and tied her to a chair.

She was low down and trifling

And she was cold and mean

Kind of evil make me want to

Grab my sub machine

Delia's gone, one more round

Delia's gone

Explanation: He says she was a mean woman, and an evil woman. When he says "sub machine" he is referring to a gun.

First time I shot her

I shot her in the side

Hard to watch her suffer

But with the second shot she died

Delia's gone, one more round

Delia's gone

Explanation: He shot her in the side first and watched her suffer until the next time he shot her she died.

But jailer, oh, jailer

Jailer, I can't sleep

'Cause all around my bedside

I hear the patter of Delia's feet

Delia's gone, one more round

Delia's gone

Explanation: In this stanza, he refers to Delia as a "Jailer" and that he's scared to sleep because he can hear her walking around his bedside.

So if your woman's devilish

You can let her run

Or you can bring her down and do her

Like Delia got done

Delia's gone, one more round

Delia's gone

Delia's gone, one more round

Delia's gone

Explanation: He tells his listeners that if they have a wife like Delia to let her run or shoot her like he did to her.

This poem uses an overall theme of fate, Johnny talks about a woman he spends his life with that he shot. The poetic language in this poem is rhyming, with metaphors. The tone is a criminal mentality since Johnny is talking about how he killed his wife. Johnny had another song like "Delia's Gone" called "Folsom Prison Blues" which he shot a man and he wanted another song like it so they came up with this one. This poem shows many characteristics of criminal acts and evil people. The social context of this Ballad is that people will like a criminal-like feel to a song and listen to it more often. Also there is cultural context that there's songs just like this one including Johnny's own

Author's Bio: Johnny Cash is also known as "The Man in Black". He used to wear a black suit to all of his gigs. He was born February 26, 1932 and died on September 12, 2003. He was a singer, song-writer, and guitarist whose music mixed country, rock, blues, and gospel influences. He grew up working in the fields of farming with his siblings trying to pay off debt. He had a tough life and in his family they used music to escape from some of the hardship. He was also in the military, and started his career by auditioning with some friends for Sam Phillips. From there on he started writing his own songs and performing them.


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