Writing process & 6+1 traits By Miss roney

Writing Process!

Pre writing:

  • Students can draw, or write out ideas for their writing.


  • Use pre-writing as a bounce off point !


  • Students will have their peers read their work.
  • Students will make comments on each other's papers.


  • Students respond to the comments and make changes.


  • Students can edit their own papers but should have another peer edit it as well.
  • Its always best to have at least two people edit, so nothing is missed!

6+1 Traits

Ideas: main message

Organization: structure of the writing

Voice: the tone of the material.

Word choice: vocabulary used

Sentence fluency: the flow of the writing

Conventions: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar

Four steps to do 6-traits mini-lessons

Introduction: keep it short and sweet!

Instruction: model the skill you are wanting to teach!

Interaction: work together!

Closure: students do the new skill !






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