Kitchen treasures is FMCG brand from the house of Synthite

Scope of work

  • Digital roadmap for Kitchen treasures : social media & website
  • Video plan : Innovative format
  • New brand naming for a new product category

Duration : 3 months

ROI Metrics / Milestones

Numbers committed over the first quarter ( 17k & 50 followers on fb & Twitter when it started )
We achieved more than what was committed by spending 80% of approved costs( media )


We started with the basic - user journey for this category. We identified that people were searching for recipes & the user journey was about finding a reliable source at the time of their need.

So instead of a typical corporate website we transformed the website into a quota for food.

We figured that publishing or pushing 1000's of recipes which are already available wasn't the key but to change the user journey by asking the user what she/he is looking for.

Products were given relevence in the exact way to connect with the user journey

Stop motion videos

We also decided to do stop motion based recipe videos of the most searched food recipes relevant to our domain & target audience which made the user journey even more interesting.

On boarding bloggers

With a bloggers campaign we on boarded 7 food bloggers who contributed their recipes to our website creating user generated content

The result

We achieved more than what was promised thus ensuring more than 100% ROI on money spent

But more importantly the startegy worked well for the brand, as we saw an increase of 70% in organic traffic month on month during the execution period

Now, one might argue about Kitchen treasures is a media driven ( mainline ) brand and that these visits might be via those channels.

And for them the answer is that the direct traffic would fall in the above category

The social numbers grew more than what was agreed by 2k fans on Facebook & 250+ on Twitter. All this by only spending 80% of the approved media budget.


The startegy of the website & stop motion video has worked. And now we have to focus on promoting both assets.

We thank the team at Intergrow foods for their support & opportunity to work on the digital startegy of the brand

The Team

  1. Andrine Mendez ( principal startegy consultant )
  2. Parvathy Vijaymohan ( copy & content )
  3. Nitheesh Mohan ( client servicing )
  4. Roy ( creative )

Reference : Ashok Mani, CEO , Intergrow foods ( Kitchen treasures )

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