Forgiving the Darkness By: Bryanna Roy

Darkness is not a death, does not obliterate,

Will not bury you or take your breath away.

Darkness will not erase you the way it erases day with night

Because darkness is not the clock but merely the time

Falling away from the clock's circular face.

Darkness is not the loss but the thing misplaced,

Not the hammer but the nail in its curved emergence

From wood's grasp, not the storm's insurgence

But the limbs broken off from their miraculous

Suspension in a storm out far, beyond us.

Darkness is not about hearts, imperfect as they are,

But what leaks through their incorrigible doors, not the stars

But the glissade or glide of their dust.

Darkness no longer shields the hunters' musk

In search of you, or turns you to animal prey,

It is only a measure of weight or days.

Not something without a beginning or an end,

It is not even—especially not—an end.

Nor is it vertigo, nor the whole, but merely a piece.

No, darkness is but a ghost of an idea, the least

Remembered, most estranged prayer, and your fear

But a lingering, limbic fear torn from shreds of forgotten years.

Only that much is clear.


forgiving means letting it be in the past, darkness is a time where its dark out and is hard to see in


In the dark you will not die or disappear in any way possible.

You will not be erased like that day is because darkness is only time being taken away.

Darkness is always something it is not nothing it will always be something beyond us.

Its not about what you are its about something beyond what you are and ever will be.

Darkness is not out to get you and it never will be out to get you.

Just because its dark never means that the end of something is near.

Its nothing to fear but something to enjoy as it comes and passes

Darkness is just there in the place of the day its not anything to be afraid of.

Darkness is clearer that we will ever think it to be.


in the darkness its actually really pretty beautiful rather than scary.
darkness will never can never be misplaced.
Erase you the way it erases day with night is a metaphor for that the night will not get ride of you.
Sheilds the hunters' musk is a metaphor saying that the night is not something you can hide behind.
But merely a piece is a metaphor saying that night is just one of the many pieces in the day just like there are many pieces in life.
Ghost of an idea is a metaphor about something that lingers in the air.
"Because darkness is not the clock but merely the time" is good word choice because it is showing what darkness actually is in reality.
"In search for you, or turns you to animal prey" is saying that it will not stalk you and be ready to attack you out of the blue.
"Only that much is clear" is telling you that the night is only a clear as you make it out to be.
"darkness is not about hearts, imperfect as they are" is a way of saying that the darkness is nothing close to our imperfect self's.


trying to convince people that the darkness is not nothing to fear in your life but something to look forward to.


There really isn't a shift because the whole poem is trying to convince people that you don't have to be afraid of the darkness but to actually enjoy the darkness as it comes.


the reason why the author picked the title forgiving the darkness is to not let the darkness be feared just because the darkness is dark.


Don't let things that look scary scare you because they can turn out to actually be pretty beautiful.


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