A different type of play time The harsh reality of child labor

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"The Burma: Child soldier/labor struggles" a documentary by Mason Gascot

"Child labor in Burma: Education Over Work" a documentary by Blaze Hake

"This Life Is Unfair" a poem by Matt Hawksworth

"Heaven to Hell" a poem by Matt Hawksworth.


2 young Burmese soldiers


In South East Asia, there is the country of Burma, widely known as Myanmar. This is a country that is widely known for child labor and mistreatment of kids. Imagine you get taken from your everyday life and are forced to work while your young and put into a whole different environment what would you do? The topic of child labor occurs in "Bamboo people" many of times. Innocent kids are taken to a discipline camp to be trained for war, while they are forced to do types of labor such as carrying huge rocks back and forth across the field. This is demonstrated by the 2 main characters Chiko and Tai throughout the story. Although, their are many other kids at the camp. Burma is one of the leading countries for child labor in the world. It is estimated that 122 million kids in the world have to work for their survival. Furthermore, one quarter of economically active children suffer injuries or illness during labor. Also, 2.7 million years of healthy life are lost due to child labor, especially in agriculture.

The purpose for our magazine is to inform. Specifically on child labor in Burma and Asia but just on the idea of child labor in general and the importance and seriousness that is involved with it. To introduce, our magazine focuses on the causes of child labor in Burma or child labor period. This information we'll be presented through a documentary. In addition, the next visual product will be presented through a documentary as well that goes hand in hand with the first product explaining the effects of child labor. Lastly, a poem will be displayed that discusses the struggles of being a child soldier from the child's point of view.



This life is unfair

I am a child.

I am a child soldier that is only 11 years old.

I am too young for this.

I wish I had a choice.

It's so hard here.

They threaten me.

They beat me.

I must do everything that they say.

Is it even worth it?

Is the stress and pain worth the pain?

The physical labor,

All the blood, sweat and tears.

Why am I being put through this?

What did I do to deserve it?

I was stripped of my happiness.

I was stripped of my freedom.

I don't even get to see my family anymore.

They took everything but my life.

And at this point, they might as well take that.

This life is depressing.

This life is meaningless.

I'm being forced to fight for my country.

But what am I getting back?

What I'm getting back is scars on my back,

From many painful experiences of being whipped.

Isn't someone that is fighting for freedom

have some freedom for themselves?

This life is meaningless, this life is unfair.

Heaven to Hell

I have a wonderful life.

I'm young and healthy.

I have a wonderful, loving family.

My mother takes good care of me.

My father works hard to keep the house up.

There's always food provided.

My sisters and I play in the yard.

I can have fun.

I have freedom.

I will never take this feeling for granted.

There's supposed to be a draft.

A draft into war.

I'm scared for my dad.

I don't want to lose him.

I'm not ready for our family to fall apart.

Everything was so well.

This will tear me apart.

There was a knock at the door.

It was a big, muscular man.

He said both me and my father are going to war.

I don't know what's going to happen.

I'm being trained.

This life is not for me.

I can't do this for much longer.

If I don't do something I get whipped.

It's so bad that I'm starting to get used to the pain.

I've already witnessed over 5 people die.

Am I next?

The stress is making me numb.

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.

The day my son died.

He was in war.

There were too many of the enemy.

He attempted to retreat.

His commander told him to stay,

but he didn't, he continued to retreat.

The commander shot him.

The bullet went straight through his abdomen.

The people in this country are ruthless.


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