Non-Fiction By: Dalton halloran

What is Non-Fiction?

Nonfiction is a type of text that is completely true and is void of opinions

Whats the difference between fiction and non-fiction?

Non-fiction is always completely true with research and information backing it up, while Fiction is always untrue and based on an opinin or idea

What is non-fiction text?

Non-fiction text is any text based completely on facts such as a newspaper, school book, or an encyclopedia.

Non-fiction text features

Non-Fiction text features may include diagrams, timelines, tables, charts , maps, and even highlighted text.

Along it text features, there is also Text Structure

On the left are examples of Text Features, and on the right Text Structures. The text structure of the example "She Led the Way to Freedom" would be description because it describes Harriet Tubman.

No Opinions!!

Opinions are how someone feels about a certain subject and are NOT in Non-fiction books. If you are reading Non-Fiction text that expresses an opinion, that text in not Non-fiction.

What Non-Fiction book should you read next?

This book is called "When Breathe Becomes Air". It's an autobiography about a man going through stage four cancer and called one of the best nonfiction books ever!
I hope you enjoyed the presentation, and remember, have fun learning all the unbiased facts the nonfiction text contains!!

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