Elephant research By: baylie boutin

There are lots of Different species of elephants.
Like the african savanna elephant or the africana loxodonto.
There are also Asian elephants which are on the endangered species list along with African elephants .
Also some become sexually mature at age 10-12 but others might become sexually mature at age 14!
Sometimes Male & female elephants both have ivory tusks which they use to fight with.
This is an african elephant. They have really good memory for migration purposes
ELEPHANT FAMILIES. Elephant families are scientifically called family Elephantidae. The elephant families are small but lead by "cows" which are old female elephants. A fun fact is that males are called "bulls".
The African savanna elephant weighs 9 tons and stands up to 3 feet. Others may wiegh up to 5,500 kg.
Elephants actually have hair all over their bodies but it is sparse and coarse.
Elephants can actually hear each other from 2.5 mile away! But elephants make 2 different kinds of sounds by changing nostril size as air goes through them.
Elephants trunks are actually called the proboscis and has 16 muscles in it. Elephants also do a "trunk shake" to test each other's strength. They also use their trunk to grab branches to itch themselves with and they breathe with their trunk more than their mouths and can suck up to 2.6 gallons of water in their trunks. When danger is near elephants also raise and swivel their trunks and did you know elephants can tell each other's reproducing period by smell.
Elephants also use their trunks to put grasses, leaves ,and fruit into their mouths also to put dirt and dust onto themselves to protect themselves from insect bites. They also find this stuff because they usually habitat savannas, grasslands, and forests.
Did you know that the tusks and elephants are actually enlarged incisor teeth made out of ivory and that these tusks protect an elephants trunk and females usually don't have them.
Did you also know that elephants have 7-9 nasal turbines while humans have 3 and dogs have 5. Also they are able to pick a coin up flat off a table with their trunks and with their trunks some elephants can carry up to 250 kg.
At the begging of the 21st century there were fewer than 50,000 Asian elephants left to n the wild. And in 1979-1989 the number of African elephants was reduced from 1,300,000 to 600,000, partly because of a commercial demand for ivory.
Elephants are also very important to humans considering they were used in military wars and we also use their tusks for soap and other things.
Female elephants remain with their herds their whole lives while males leave at the age 14. Also even know they are not in the same herd the elephants still feed together.
When the male elephant enters the musth period they do most of their breeding but their behavior can be just about unstoppable during this time.


Elephants are threatened by habitat loss and poaching.
Also did you know that elephants can reach a top speed of 4km per hour but are the largest living land animal.
Elephants can live till 60 in the wild and 80 in captivity but if they're in the wild they gather to die.


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