My Ideal Career By karla eadie

In the future I would like to be a Neonatal Nurse which is a type of nursing that works with newborn, infants born with a variety of problems such as prematurity, birth defects and surgical problems. I would like this career because I'm good at and I like helping others, caring for others and working with others. I also have a huge interest in working with babies.

Some skills I will need are:

  • Caring
  • Have good communication skils
  • Critical thinking

I should study all sciences (mostly biology), maths, English and either child development or health and social care. To qualify as a nurse I will need a degree in nursing, to be accepted I will need at least 5 GCSE's in English, maths, s science based subject and 2-3 A-Levels. I will need to go to university for four years to get a bachelors degree or two years and get an associates degree but I will have a better chance getting into nursing with a Bachelors degree.

For work I would wear scrubs which are basically shirts and trousers. Also I must wear a Nametag at all times

All Neonatal Nurses work on hospitals but they're three different sections.

  1. The regular nursery
  2. Special care nursery
  3. Neonatal intensive care

Working hours depend on the facility. Some hospitals schedule a three-day week with 12-hour days. Other hospitals schedule eight-hour shifts.

an average salary of $105,220 per year

Some positive things about this career are

  1. It is a rewarding job
  2. Pays well
  3. The ability to move from full-time to part-time

So overall this would be a good job because it is a challenging and an awarding job

Some negative things about this career are

  1. Long hours at sometimes
  2. Potential stress levels increase
  3. Dealing with emotional situations which can involve death
  4. The patients can't speak for themselves

So overall being a Neonatal Nurse may be bad because I'm an emotional person so I would get attached to the babies and their families however this is something I will have to deal with and improve with over-time.

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