LCC Worship Team Night #2 19.02.17

A video snapshot of the evening

At this team night we spent some time looking over some of the reasons 'why' we do 'what' we do in corporate worship. Everyone from the sound guys, musicians, worship leaders and host have a key role in facilitating our times together. Our worship vision highlights 5 fundamental points that we want to be holding on to.

1. Serve the local church by upholding our values and enabling people to encounter God

2. Worship in spirit and truth, responding the call of God, prophetic words and moves of the spirit

3. Play our instruments competently, striving for excellence not perfection

4. Offer leadership and direction to provide a safe and relaxed context in which to draw people into intimacy/closeness with God

5. Value musicianship, fellowship and remain teachable (character and competency)

Richard Youngs took the team through 'multi-channel recording'. This feature on the Behringer X32 desk enables sound engineers to practice mixing/EQ'ing in a non-live environment and without the time restraints of a Sunday morning.

The devotional slot on this team night reiterated the principles of our vision and also looked at the subject of helping worship to 'flow'

There are many examples in the Bible of imagery (such as fire and rivers) being used to describe how the Holy Spirit operates. When it comes to worshipping together we must continue to recognise that we are a royal priesthood and a people whom God has chosen to dwell within. Importantly, this means that it does not matter how we are feeling about Church that morning, whether we have fallen out of routine or are going through a difficult season, the Bible says that the Lord has chosen Zion for his dwelling place. There is a flow that God therefore desires with his people. As in the last worship team night post, this does not mean we cease to be creative or plan songs to sing, but rather we can expect for the Holy Spirit to flow corporately as well as through us individually. We must remember the Church is like a body, we each have our part to play and when we come together as musicians we are seeking to facilitate worship by allowing the body to function. Again, another reason why I feel rehearsing together, choosing singable songs and playing skilfully can be beneficial. On a practical level we should also ensure that microphones are well placed so that contributions that edify the Church are heard and people feel encouraged to catch the flow. God's rivers are not dependent on our competence or character on a given Sunday morning - it is simply our job to get in it.

Our musicians completed an exercise called 'listen and learn' developed by Paul Baloche. The chart below is a great tool for worship leaders, vocalists, and musicians to use when mapping out the parts of a song when preparing to play together. The aim is to annotate what each instrument is doing in the song before we begin playing anything.

Our feature song of the evening - 'Look to the son' by Hillsong (2016)

Then is was our time to have a go!

Each team night we will be interviewing different people and discussing a series of questions. We begin with James Beecham who tells us what he thinks are the two most important ingredients for an effective worship team.

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