Rome Assignment By : MasON W.

Rome has had many geographic feature that impacted the country and is one of the many reasons that Rome is the way that we know it. The geographic features have formed and set the way that people in live by. The geography of Italy itself has impacted the entire civilization in many ways and it has been like that ever since the start of Rome.

One geographic feature is the Tiber river. It is a main river and it impacted most of central Italy. It was also important becuase it was the most impacting river in central Italy and it lasted for 400 kilometers. It provided an inexpensive way to travel and a great way to trade quick distances. It was also an efficent way of moving goods to places around from the Mediterranean sea to the city. It had a negative impacted by freuquently flooding the low areas of the city. The water was not drinkable and it was poisionous to whoever did. It impacted the governments decision by building Rome not by the river. It also impacted the government becuase it was a good way to tread learge scale and transport goods all around central Italy.

The Alps were also an impacting geographic feature that the Romans have used. It has helped Itlay by isolation them from other nations and it covered the entire side that connects it to neighboring countries that could become potenial threats. They were very craggy and jagged mountains so if enemies were trying to get through, it would be nearly impossible. It plays as like a very large and more natural great wall of China. And they also bring a positive impact by having thin lake glaciers that could be a fresh water source and a possibilty that they have other hiden resources. The Apenninines are also a mountain range that streches from the north all the way down the south. They help impact the governments influence as to where everything should go and transport resources from there to Rome.

The seven hill were also an impacting feature that Rome was purposly built on for defending purposes. Because of the hills being very steep, it would be challenging for enemy forces to climb up the hill so it was very conveinent to defend the city. Rome was also in a location that was nearby the Tiber river so if it was not safe for the citizins of the civilization to be in the city at the time of an attack then it could be a great escape route as people could easily cross the Tiber river. With the seven hills being under Rome and it's very conveinent location, it became a stopping place for travelers that were going north in south western Italy. This impacted the government by having Rome purposley built on a specific location.

The mediterranean sea was a big part of the formation of the Roman empire. It had a positive impact on Italy by isoplation the country by the east side. It had another positive impact by providing a way to trade with neighboring countries and communication. It impacted the governments decision to trade large items and connect with other countries.

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